The complete mobile marketing toolkit

Plexure’s intelligent mobile marketing platform powers next level customer engagement.

We provide all the tools you need to engage consumers with content and offers curated specifically for them. Reach your customers when it matters the most to create moments of magic across all your touchpoints. And do it at scale, harnessing the power of data and our intelligent technology platform.

Plexure Campaigns

The ultimate goal of the Plexure platform is to enable you to engage more deeply with consumers and increase customer acquisition, visit frequency and spend, drive loyalty and satisfaction. Plexure Campaigns provides great flexibility to work your magic, providing a centralized place to manage all your campaigns, offers, banners and notifications, ensuring you’re sending the right message to the right customers at the right time.

Plexure Consumer Care

Plexure Consumer Care provides your customer support team with a user-friendly way to view information about your customers, manage offers and loyalty entitlements, view preferences and transaction history. Plus, our Plexure Support team is on hand 24/7 to provide additional assistance anywhere in the world.  

Plexure Personalization

Plexure Personalization is our world-class data platform, which is where the magic happens. Plexure Personalization serves as a single source of truth, providing a 360-degree view of your customers. It is utilized by various modules within Plexure platform including our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines. Ultimately, Plexure Personalization enables you to pinpoint exactly what your customers want, resulting in deeply tailored engagement.   

Plexure Consumer App

Plexure Consumer App is an end-to-end mobile solution that enables consumer brands to engage at a personal level, increasing customer loyalty, lifting sales and digitizing manual processes such as coupon and offer redemption. Plexure Consumer App is customizable to your company’s brand and user experience and is ideal for businesses seeking to launch a mobile app that delivers the magic of personalized customer engagement. 

Plexure Order & Pay

Reduce check out time and increase your average sales value. Enable consumers to browse and place orders from anywhere. Plexure Order & Pay enables a truly exceptional customer experience with custom ordering, order queuing and tracking, delivery integration, beacon tracking and geo-fencing. With a fully customizable UX, easy POS integration and built on our technology agnostic platform, Plexure Order & Pay is the way forward for consumer brands.

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Plexure’s mobile technology provides customers with deeply personalized compelling offers, allowing grocers to target 1:1 and reduce ineffective bulk discounting.

Plexure's end-to-end mobile engagement solution enables QSRs to build rich customer profiles. Leverage this data to provide deeply personalized offers that increase average transaction value.

Plexure's provides fuel and convenience stores with an end-to-end mobile engagement solution to send deeply personalized offers that drive greater visits and increase average transaction value.

Plexure’s end-to-end customer engagement solution enables high frequency retailers to leverage personalized, targeted offers to drive customers back in-store.