World-Class Customer Engagement Analytics Solutions

Measure the performance and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, iterate and refine activities to consistently create moments of magic for your customers.

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Great marketing is iterated and optimized in step with changes in customers' habits and preferences. Harness your stream of customer data within Plexure’s analytics tools and power up your marketing with our world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) engines.

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Maximize marketing campaign effectiveness

Plexure Analytics is our insights solution. It presents the data results and specific metrics back to the marketer via a range of user-friendly dashboards and data visualization tools, which enable you to see how your campaigns are performing, pinpoint opportunities for improvement and create highly personalized moments of magic for your customers. Plexure Analytics is completely configurable and customizable to visualize metrics and brand as per your specific needs. It works on its own and in combination with existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools and data.

Pinpoint desire with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data science is fundamental to the success of any customer engagement program. Plexure’s world-class AI and ML engines enable you to truly understand your customers, pinpointing desire to deliver personalized, dynamic marketing campaigns to a market of one. Build automated campaigns that continuously evolve regardless of whether you have 100 or 1000 locations. Our world-leading AI is applied to inform your messages and timings so that your marketing campaigns hit the mark every time.   

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