Get more value from every customer interaction

There’s a simple way to uplift revenue - give your customers more reasons to engage. Plexure helps you maximize every engagement by swiftly building meaningful connections and tailoring offers and content to keep customers active and loyal.

Reduce friction in the purchase process

The easier you can make the purchase process, the more likely your customers will return. Whether it's through highly compelling, personalized offers, or recommendations tailored to each individual customer, Plexure is here to help you drive greater sales and profitability into your business.

Maximize transaction value

Harness consumer and contextual data to cross and up-sell based on your customers' preferences. Optimize offers by using Plexure's AI to decide which products to place them on and increase your average transaction value. 

Optimizing transactions throughout the customer lifecycle

Encourage your customers to increase their basket size by providing experiences they love. Achieve this through deeply personalized offers and recommendations to create an overall experience that feels tailored for every customer.


mobile phone showing personalization and rewards program

Personalization & Loyalty

mobile phone showing personalization and rewards program

Build rich customer profiles, utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization and develop world-class loyalty programs.

Utilize Plexure’s suite of intelligence modules to create a cadence of test, learn and optimize that ensures you’re solving business challenges and always one step ahead of the competition. 

Accelerate your digital transformation with Plexure Order & Pay, our customizable mobile app and Plexure Campaigns to harness all your data and a CMS to run personalized marketing campaigns. All assisted by Plexure Consumer Care.