The Evolution of Marketing over 100 Years

The evolution from broadcast to narrowcast to personalization, and everything in between

Technology has given us unparalleled access to each other in ways we’ve never had before. Today, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in use providing businesses with a channel to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere. But this channel also makes information more accessible to consumers, particularly as a vehicle to guide and influence decisions. Consumer-facing brands have never had easier access to consumers, but nor have they ever had to work as hard to gain their attention.

Marketers of the past did not have the same access or face the same challenges we do today, but they did share the same objective: Sell. Some were incredibly successful, and others weren't. If we consider previous eras as lessons in marketing, we can learn a lot about creating value and appealing to consumers. After all, modern marketing is a culmination of previous marketing eras and all their inspiring insights and learnings.

In this Ebook, we evaluate five marketing eras over 100 years to discover what we can learn from the strategies of the past and how to apply those ideas today.

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