Serverless enables new features for customers

Serverless is a new paradigm in cloud compute technology, where you can run small amounts of code in ‘functions’, and not have to worry about any of the underlying infrastructure (hence ‘serverless’). Unlike other compute technologies, you only pay when a function runs, providing a great low cost option for many compute scenarios. This technology is highlighted by both Azure and AWS as being the next big thing in compute, and it aligns with a general move towards microservices and smaller ‘lego blocks’ of functionality that are composed to make overall solutions. It’s still in its early days, however as it matures it is expected to become a very prevalent compute option for organisations in the Cloud.

Not just the next 'cool compute thing', serverless is enabling a whole new category of features for our customers. They know their business better than we do and often want features we don't already have, or want to use their data in ways we haven't thought of. Even though Plexure uses microservices architecture and continuous delivery, serverless means our customers can tailor their Plexure experience without waiting on us to deploy code on their behalf.

We can now automate and provide Rails to our customers to put their own code into the Plexure platform; similar to how they can upload images for offers or text for push messages, now they can manage code as content in our platform. So now our customers can do the things that only they’ve thought of; adding that last mile customization in our platform.