Plexure + GE - connected technology puts customers first

Plexure has partnered with Current, which is powered by GE, and will add our expertise to Current's intuitive store design as GE builds its intelligent environment partner ecosystem.

Our IoT-driven CRM helps brands deliver contextual, personalized and engaging customer experiences anywhere at any time – crossing channels and generating some impressive results. This is a natural fit with Current, GE's digital energy startup. Current supports the digital energy and data infrastructure that gives retailers a 360-degree view of the shopping experience, and its partners' intelligent systems are revolutionizing the way marketing, loyalty and store operations professionals serve their customers.

GE's intelligent, connected lighting means we will be able to pinpoint a customer's in-store location to within 4 inches, sending optimized content to digital displays and electronic price tags when the customer is right alongside. See what CEO Scott Bradley has to say about the new opportunities this presents for the in-store experience:

Plexure is also ideally positioned to help retailers get value from GE's Predix platform due to the wide range of data our platform collects. By weaving together a seamless view of the customer's digital and social engagements, as well as their in-store activity, we build engagement and generate higher basket value: a global convenience store retailer we worked with increased customer transactions by 73% by combining digital behavior and real-time point of sale data.

See how Current by GE uses technology to help retailers put shoppers first.

"Through this partnership, Plexure has access to our Indoor Positioning API, which they have integrated into their IoT-driven CRM to provide promotional materials to shoppers in-store," said Robin Baker, Director of Alliances, Intelligent Environments at Current. "Plexure's functionality has integrated into Current's intelligent lighting systems -- LED systems equipped with sensors and software -- for retailers who want geo-based promotional capabilities."

Read more about the retail possibilities of connected lighting from the CTO of Daintree Networks: