Your (mostly-official) guide to mobile awesomeness

Everyone wants their mobile experience to be awesome, so why are so many apps so average?

Since Apple opened the App Store in 2008, many companies (including most of the Fortune 500) have released mobile apps for their customers, to varying degrees of success. Building an app is easy; turning that app into a profitable and indispensable part of your customer-focused strategy is much more difficult. Which is why we've made a seriously awesome almost 50-page omnibus e-book 5 Steps to Mobile Awesomeness, which explains how you can use an intelligent personalization platform to transform your mobile app into a strategic asset.

If you want to go straight to the download, now's your chance.

Otherwise, here's a quick look at how you can make your mobile marketing work harder - from attracting customers to proving ROI.


If you want more people to download and install your app, you’ll need to give them a reason to do it. You already know the profiles and behaviors of your most valuable customers, so you’re not flying completely blind here. Offering new customers the sort of incentive that won over your current customers is a good start – as is encouraging store associates to play an active role in winning people over...


The vast majority of downloaded apps are never used, which is why number of downloads can’t be your only success metric. In the early stages you need to focus on proving your app’s utility by getting the people who download it to use it in a way that creates value for you. The absolute best way to make that happen is to design an app that’s easy to use and USEFUL – and then remind your customers they’ve actually installed it.


To create valuable new customer behaviors you need to engage people regularly (with relevant, personalized content of course). If you’re struggling to maintain decent participation rates then chances are you’re going to need to rethink what you’re offering, and to whom. The key to your app remaining front of customer-mind is pushing useful content when it’s appropriate, and – critically – ensuring it’s making their retail experience better, faster and cheaper.


The fun part really starts when you have enough people using your app regularly - and you’ve collected enough data - to start experimenting with your offers. You want to encourage your customers to adopt new regular behaviors that both benefit them and create value for your brand, and in order to do that you’ll need to have access to the data that shows you how they tick. Then you can identify your ‘ideal’ customer, and start creating more of them by talking their language.


Fun as it’s been, it’s unlikely you’ve embarked on this mobile awesomeness journey just for the sheer thrill of it. At some stage someone’s going to want to see the payoff, and that’s where it helps to have a platform that does the number crunching for you, and one that can generate actionable insights. Ideally, look for a BI solution that has data visualization capability, because if there’s one thing the C-Level digs, it’s a dashboard…

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