What if you could make each person feel as though their customer experience was designed just for them?

Driving desirable behaviors

Plexure is a global mobile engagement company helping brands create sticky and more profitable relationships with consumers throughout the consumer journey. Harnessing the power of consumer, contextual, behavioral and sales data, we enable the delivery of deeply personalized compelling offers to customers through mobile channels.

We provide a solution for traditional brands and retailers threatened by the digital migration of consumer-spending.

Customer relationship magic

We’re a team of customer engagement experts. We partner with clients globally to understand their unique business needs and tailor our solution to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our approach breaks mobile customer engagement down into three key areas: Strategy & Execution, Personalized Customer Engagement and Campaign Optimization.

Customized for your business

Your business is unique. We’ll work with you to develop and execute a customer engagement strategy tailored to achieve your specific business goals. And better still, we’ll have you up and running within a few short months.

We help brands solve complex business challenges

Quickly connect with new customers to establish meaningful and long-lasting connections

The true point of acquisition is when a customer actively engages with a brand. Moving them from unknown purchasers to loyal followers requires quick and highly targeted marketing actions. So, we’re here to help you maximize every new engagement - swiftly building meaningful connections with new customers by tailoring offers and content to keep them active, engaged and loyal.

Increase customer lifetime value through deeply personalized offers

Delivering experiences that are tailored to your customers’ individual preferences is one of the most effective ways to increase customer lifetime value. Plexure helps you accurately anticipate what your customers want to ensure you give them personalized, compelling offers when they are most likely to want them.

Redefine your marketing programs to make your customers feel recognized and valued

Consumers expect brands to treat them like individuals, and to be rewarded for being loyal. At Plexure we help you harness your data to created personalized engagements that are seamless to execute and magical to experience.

Rekindle with previous customers and turn them into loyal brand supporters

There are lots of reasons why customers slip away, but the good news is that they can often be won back. Reconnecting with past customers is about communicating in ways that shows them you know them. Plexure helps you win past customers back and turn them into strong brand advocates through deeply personalized offers, content and  recommendations.

Why choose Plexure?