Personalized Customer Engagement

Present deeply personalized compelling offers to your customers to incentivize desirable behaviors. 

Harness the power of data

Convert unknown purchasers to loyal brand advocates through deeply personalized compelling offers. And keep them coming back through programs of regular and meaningful content, more targeted offers and recommendations. All delivered through the Plexure platform.

How we can help

Utilize existing customer data and external data to create rich customer profiles.

To achieve marketing at 1:1 level, you need a 360-degree picture of each customer. Plexure collects data from multiple sources, combines it with contextual data and provides the tools to analyze and segment. This takes the guesswork out of ‘surprising and delighting’ your customers.

Maximize ROI on marketing activities by utilizing data to inform the message and offer.

Use rich customer profiles to add value by communicating at a 1:1 level with each customer. Use these offers to incentivize customers to remain loyal and increase their spend. 

Create ‘always on’ marketing campaigns, quickly.

Plexure’s CMS provides access to all aspects of your marketing campaigns enabling you to respond to market trends, stand up and refine global marketing campaigns at the click of a button.