Pinpointing desire

Plexure helps some of the world's most recognized brands in high frequency environments deliver personalized customer engagements at scale. 

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Our intelligent platform harnesses the power of data and Artificial Intelligence to power mobile marketing and helps create world-class customer engagement.

Personalization & Loyalty

Build rich customer profiles, utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization and develop world-class loyalty programs.

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Utilize Plexure’s suite of intelligence modules to create a cadence of test, learn and optimize that ensures you’re solving business challenges and always one step ahead of the competition. Measure the performance and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to amplify anticipation and create moments of magic for your customers.


Digital Toolkit

Accelerate your digital transformation with Plexure Order & Pay, our customizable mobile app and Plexure Campaigns to harness all your data and a CMS to run personalized marketing campaigns. All assisted by Plexure Consumer Care.   


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