Market Update - VMob ACMR grows by 1600% to NZ$3.2m

23 April 2015
VMob Group Limited [NZAX:VML]

Market Update – VMob ACMR grows by 1600% to NZD$3.2m

VMob has today released its updated ACMR (Annualised Committed Monthly Revenue) figure of $3.181 million, calculated as at 31 March 2015.

This ACMR figure represents 1600% growth on the FY2014 figure of $0.2M. This figure also represents a 33% increase on the interim figure of $2.423M released to the market in December 2014.

Annualised committed monthly revenue (ACMR) represents contracted monthly recurring revenue (i.e. revenue which is generated from firm contracts held by the Company) as at 31 March 2015, in respect of the month of March 2015, multiplied by 12. ACMR is a key measure of growth in SaaS based businesses. This calculation does not however take into account any customer churn or the potential termination of any of the contracts which are generating the revenue.

The growth in ACMR comes off the back of several key contract wins such as the addition of McDonald’s USA. However, a number of the recent contract wins, such as the addition of 7 Eleven are not accounted for in the ACMR figure as they were still in ‘deployment’ stage as at 31 March 2015.

The continued growth of the ACMR figure sets the Company up well to capitalise on a series of key investment milestones as laid out in a roadmap presentation to investors, and disclosed to the market, in March 2015.

Key investor milestones for 2015 include: 
- Share consolidation to take place on May 7th 2015
- Pre dual-listing private placement, and subsequent public offer of new capital in conjunction with the ASX dual listing
- Dual listing on the ASX in Q3 2015

The Company has made significant wins while investing heavily in growing its platform capabilities over the last year. With this strong base, VMob is now well poised to build on its commercial success in 2015-2016.

VMob will look to provide the market with its audited year end results in June 2015.

For more information please contact: 
Scott Bradley, CEO VMob
Mobile: +1 347 744 3142
Email: [email protected]

About VMob
VMob is an end-to-end mobile personalisation platform that lets retailers and other customer-facing brands create highly personalised marketing campaigns to reach customers at exactly the right time and place – resulting in much higher conversion rates.

The VMob platform integrates with the brand’s own smartphone app to continuously collect and store a range of real-time data (including location, movement speed, local weather and nearby events), combining it with information on past transactions through its IoT platform to deliver a level of personalised content not possible with other media.

Offers, campaigns and content personalised with this data are delivered within the smartphone app, and to other channels via API connections.

VMob is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is listed on the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX: VML).

VMob has already achieved success in worldwide markets with strong partnerships and clients including McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Exxon, Anheuser Busch, Spark New Zealand, Telkom Indonesia, Loyalty New Zealand, and Yellow Pages.

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