Plexure's intelligent platform powers mobile marketing, helping brands create world-class customer engagement



Plexure’s mobile engagement platform and managed services give you the tools to talk to your customers through their mobile and digital devices, both in-store and out. 

Combine location-based marketing, CRM functions, customer engagement modules and intelligent analytics to make marketing more effective.

Create experiences that delight and inspire your customers, resulting in improved sales and customer loyalty. 


We start by helping you understand your customer’s behaviour: where they are, in real time, on an actual day, faced with actual circumstances. We let you share you customer’s experience of the ‘here and now’ to ensure your conversations with them are always relevant. Our intelligent analytics and customisable dashboards give you actionable insights into customer behaviour, so you can continuously improve your marketing.

Using Plexure’s mobile engagement software you have full control over your marketing. Get insights into what does and doesn’t meet your customers’ needs, and become more effective over time. Our intelligent engagement platform supports workflows, retargeting, personalisation and contextual enrichment. Customers enjoy more personalised interactions across all digital and physical channels, and feel like you’re genuinely responding to them as they move through their path to purchase.

Improved customer engagement means you can add more value to their experiences, leading to more regular interaction and higher-value transactions. Plexure’s engagement platform gives you customer device management, IoT orchestration, tailored content and personalised offers, and next generation loyalty experiences.