Rich Push Notifications

The Importance of Rich Push Notifications

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Consumers have chosen their preferred methods for engaging with their favorite brands—and their mobile devices are at the center.

Commerce companies that listen to their customers’ needs and desires are committed to offering a mobile app experience. Any brand that doesn’t offer a mobile app is missing out on valuable opportunities to enhance customer engagement, earn and secure their customers’ loyalty, drive more in-store visits and increase sales.

Mobile app marketing is as effective as it is, because consumers want convenience. More specifically, they want personalized convenience.

What’s more convenient and personal than an app experience, optimized for the customer’s most personal device and tailored to the customer’s most personal interests and desires? Not much, really.

Mobile devices are arguably the most convenient channel for brands to interact with and deliver highly-personalized engagements to their customers at the perfect moments.

And rich push notifications play a major role in delivering meaningful engagements and creating magical moments.

What are rich push notifications?

Think push notifications. (You know, that notification delivered to your lock screen or message center that you initially think is a text message, but then realize it’s a notification about a flash sale from your favorite clothing store.)

Then think one step above the standard push notification. Go beyond words and add a little spice with some graphic elements, like a photo, video or funny gif. That’s a rich push notification.

Rich push notifications are notifications delivered to your phone, inside or outside of a mobile app, that include rich media attachments, such as gifs, photos, videos, audios and interactive action buttons.

Here’s an example of the difference:

  • Standard push notification: A grocery store mobile app sends out an engagement to bodybuilder Larry that says, “Hey Larry, have you tried these new protein cookies yet? Try them now with 20% off!”
  • Rich push notification: The same push notification is delivered to Larry, but this time, it’s a rich push notification with a photo of the delicious protein cookies and a “shop now!” action button.

Not only will the rich media attachment trigger Larry’s taste buds, but the interactive “shop now” button guides Larry directly toward the desired action.

Not to mention, push notifications are often truncated by the OS standard character limit, so the notification may end up more like “Hey Larry, have you tried these new protein…”.

With standard push notifications, your marketing team has to make the most out of the available characters—and that can be fairly difficult. How do you communicate how tasty these protein cookies are in a few words, while ensuring that the 20% off promotion is front and center too?

With rich push notifications, your marketing team doesn’t have to say as much through text. They can attach a mouthwatering gif of the product and an easily-navigable button that takes the customer directly to the product in your mobile app for a more visual, compelling experience.

Why should commerce companies use rich push notifications?

Commerce companies should use rich push notifications simply because they work.

Studies show that rich push notifications can result in open rate increases of up to 56% (source). That means more than half of your customers are likely to interact with a rich engagement from your brand.

Push notifications are a valuable part of any mobile marketing strategy. These pop-up notifications are delivered similarly to text messages—and your customer doesn’t have to be actively using your app to receive one. These notifications can remind users to ‘checkout’ their cart, to browse new items, to participate in a sale or visit your store to redeem an offer.

Rich push notifications can drive users to take action inside of your app and outside of your app, driving more engagement and enabling your consumers to gain more value from your app.

Visual mobile engagements tend to achieve more engagement than longform content engagements. Think of the popular social media platforms (especially Instagram and Facebook) that have transformed their algorithms, optimizing their interfaces and news feeds to prioritize visual engagements.

That’s because the human brain tends to resonate more with visual information.

When a person hears or reads text information, they’re likely to remember 10% of that information after three days. If a relevant image is attached to the information, a person will retain 65% of that information after three days (source).

Similarly, visual learners comprise about 65% of the population, which means the majority of your consumers absorb information best when it’s paired with visual content (source).

Rich push notifications can also be customized to align with your current content strategy (and customized over and over again to evolve alongside your strategy) and personalized for each customer. If you’re ever been inundated with an obnoxious amount of irrelevant push notifications, you understand the importance of personalization and the frustration of impersonal marketing.

Delivering relevant, rich media to customers’ mobile devices can elevate the connection your brand builds with your customers, by creating a memorable, eye-catching user experience.

How to Create Effective Rich Push Notifications

Currently, both Android and iOS 10 (Apple) support rich push notification features. Your marketing team can deliver personalized, rich push notifications to your customers’ Android phones and Apple phones.

iOS supports an array of rich media, including:

  • JPEG images
  • GIF images
  • PNG images
  • AIFF audio
  • WAV audio
  • MP3 audio
  • M4A audio
  • MPEG video
  • MPEG2 video
  • MP4 video
  • AVI video

Android, on the other hand, hasn't quite caught up to iOS rich media capabilities and only supports JPEG images and PNG images.

1. Optimize your content size.

When creating rich push notifications, whether for iOS or Android devices, the key is to properly optimize the notification format and rich media content for your customer.

Of course your brand wants to say as much as possible in each push notification, and now that you’re attaching relevant images to your notifications, you probably want to maximize your image sizes.

Not so fast. Rich push notifications can quickly feel like spam or junk mail if you send too many, add massive attachments that take a while to load, and lose sight of your audience.

Images should stay around 5MB in size; videos should stay around 50MB in size; audio attachments should stay around 10MB in size.

The last thing you want is your customers opting out of your push notifications due to thoughtlessly-attached, slow-loading rich media.

2. Maintain strong content.

Yes, you can add rich media to your push notifications, but no that doesn’t mean you have a higher character limit in your messaging. Rich push notifications still have the same character limit as standard push notifications.

Depending on the specific device, a push notification generally supports around 40 characters for the notification title, and the description limit typically ranges around 150 characters.

The need for compelling copy is rooted in the psychology behind personalized marketing. Your customers want to feel the “dopamine effect” associated with a relevant purchase. Rich push notifications can effectively encourage this feeling by solving the customer’s problem through personalized messaging and depicting the happiness of a purchase through rich media visuals.

Your marketers need to put thought into your notification messaging and the type of rich media attached. Writing compelling, concise, personalized copy is critical for push notifications.

You have less than 200 characters to create a meaningful engagement with your customer and convince the customer to perform a desirable behavior.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of interactive action buttons.

When your brand sends out a push notification, rich or standard, what is the goal of that notification? 9 times out of 10, the goal is to drive some sort of action.

You want your customer to open your app, check out a new product or service, redeem an offer or browse a recommendation, revisit their cart to finalize their order, or learn more about a new mobile app feature.

Attaching a CTA or action button can significantly increase the chances of your customers taking those desirable actions. Action buttons tell your customers what to do next, and they offer the easiest, most convenient route to the next step.

When a user isn’t provided a clear idea of which step to take next, they may abandon your notification altogether and interact with the next company’s notification that ends in a clear “claim now!” or “learn more!” action.

With mobile marketing, the easier and more intuitive you make the customer’s journey, the more likely the user is to take the desired action and continue through the sales funnel.

These CTAs and action buttons can deep link to specific tabs, pages or features in your app to drive the user to the exact page or section of the page most relevant to your offer. Deep links can automatically open your app so your customer doesn’t have to navigate through all of their apps and potentially drop out of the customer journey before they reach your app.

Action buttons or interactive CTAs (calls-to-action) aren’t exclusive to rich push notifications; standard push notifications can feature these buttons too. Currently, iOS supports four action buttons per rich push notification, and Android supports three buttons.

Rich Push Notifications for Magical Mobile Engagements

Personalization is at the center of any effective mobile marketing strategy. Your mobile customers want to feel like your brand knows them, you’re listening to their recent interests, and you’re learning from their recent in-app behaviors.

Rich push notifications hit the sweet spot between innovation and personalization. Push notifications allow your brand to create and deliver deeply personalized content with innovative, modern rich media attachments that capture your customers’ attention.

Put your marketers’ creativity to work and get that rich content flowing to cultivate more meaningful connections with your customers and maximize your brand’s impact.

We’ll help you do it—just like we’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands to build premium customer bases and increase sales through their mobile marketing.

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These insights can be used to continuously and persistently optimize your mobile marketing strategy, including your targeting and segmentation strategy as well as your content strategy, to persistently improve the customer experience.

Personalization isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; true personalization requires dynamic solutions that have proven effective time and time again.

From the APIs and SDKs behind your digital channels, to the data that powers your personalization capabilities and the actionable insights that enable you to refine your marketing strategies, we give your brand the tools it needs to enrich your customers’ lives.

Rich push notifications are just the beginning. Find out what we can do for your brand when you book your demo.

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