Mobile Marketing Platform

What is mobile marketing?

‘Mobile marketing’ means marketing to consumers through their most personal devices - their mobile phones. 

Mobile marketing falls under the umbrella of ‘digital marketing’, but mobile marketing campaigns are optimized specifically for mobile devices. All of the engagements and interactions a brand fosters with its customers via their mobile devices, across all touchpoints in the customer journey, comprise its mobile marketing.

This includes mobile-optimized advertisements and all mobile app engagements (including in-app messages, push notifications and QR codes for offer redemptions or transactions), as well as location-based marketing tactics and custom campaigns designed for mobile devices. 

An effective mobile marketing strategy, combined with an award-winning mobile marketing platform (Plexure’s platform), can support brands in cultivating, managing and enhancing long-term, loyal customer relationships. 

Our mobile marketing platforms harness the power of data to deliver the highest level of personalized customer engagements to create magical moments with customers on a 1:1 basis. 

Mobile Marketing Elements

Mobile Advertising

‘Mobile advertising’ is a brand’s advertising strategy, optimized strategically for mobile platforms. Advertising through mobile is generally aimed to gain new customers and raise awareness of the brand, or of the services and products the brand offers. 

Mobile advertising is often confused with mobile marketing, but mobile marketing includes all of the techniques and technologies used to cultivate a marketing network that engages current customers and earns back inactive customers through personalized, timely interactions. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are personalized marketing messages delivered to a customer’s phone from a brand’s mobile app. Unlike in-app messages only delivered inside a brand’s app, push notifications are pop-up messages sent outside of the mobile app, to a user’s message center or lock screen. Push notifications deliver a similar notification to a text message. 

Brands can deliver highly-relevant offers, recommendations, app updates, product or service updates and transactional receipts or summaries to improve the customer experience and encourage desirable behaviors from customers. 

In-App Messaging

Personalized messages can also be delivered to customers’ mobile devices, through a brand’s mobile app. Messaging that occurs within a company’s mobile app is considered in-app messaging. 

In-app messages can serve as tooltips, as guidance to demonstrate certain app features, as informational messaging about new app features, services or products, and to deliver relevant recommendations - anything really. These messages can be customized to align with a brand’s content strategy, and continuously optimized in real-time as the marketing strategy evolves. 


Automation plays an essential role in personalized mobile marketing. Through intelligent automation, marketers can deliver timely engagements at critical, impressionable moments in the customer lifecycle.

Through our world-class artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engines, brands can send messages at the most impactful times and locations. Messages can be automatically delivered to customers’ mobile devices, in response to certain online behaviors, at specific times of day, or based on the customer’s current location or previous locations. 

Automation and intelligent technologies can also support persistent optimization, as machine learning tools pick up on behavioral patterns and predict future behaviors, lending marketers invaluable insights about customer needs and desires.

How can you integrate all of these features into your mobile marketing strategy? The answer: through Plexure’s mobile marketing platform. 

A mobile marketing platform can support a company in creating, testing, delivering, and persistently optimizing mobile marketing campaigns. 

Mobile Marketing Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Marketing campaigns are most effective when they’re optimized to resonate with individual customers at specific points in their customer lifecycle. 

Marketers can personalize messaging based on where the customer is currently located in their lifecycle to nurture them with the specific type of engagement that will propel them to the next stage in their lifecycle. 

The goal of mobile marketing is to convert potential customers to loyal customers, from acquisition to loyalty. 

There are three main campaign categories—acquisition campaigns, engagement campaigns and retention campaigns. These three stages align with critical, pivotal moments in the customer journey. 

By identifying where a customer is located in his or her lifecycle, marketers can strategically personalize messaging to build strong relationships with customers, through meaningful engagements. 

Acquisition Campaigns  

When a customer is in the acquisition stage, he or she has yet to become a customer. The customer is still in need of some nurturing and convincing. They want to know what your brand has to offer and how your solution can solve their problems. 

Acquisition campaigns should be optimized to communicate the brand’s value proposition. 

Let’s say a potential customer just downloaded a grocer’s mobile app. The brand’s marketing team may curate an acquisition-focused news feed that displays rich content for new users. 

To start, this content can be personalized based on each user’s demographics and location data. With our mobile marketing platform, your marketing team will quickly acquire data that reflects each user’s interests, based on the in-app tabs they select, the preferences they select, and the offers or promotions they redeem.

For a grocery store located on the coast, an acquisition-optimized news feed may display promotions on fresh seafood. By displaying relevant offers and promotions, the grocery store is creating a personal engagement with the new customer, demonstrating that the grocery store understands its customer and will continue to provide value to the customer. 

These personal engagements have proven effective for increasing grocery stores’ in-store visits, average basket size, daily app registrations, offer redemptions, and more. These significant outcomes are why grocery stores are adding mobile and IoT around the world. 

Once the customer redeems an offer, clicks on a promotion or engages with the app, our artificial intelligence and machine learning engines will use this information to automatically update the messaging, offers and recommendations displayed on the app. Our solutions perform automatic testing to continuously optimize the customer’s mobile experience.

Once the customer redeems an offer, makes a transaction or shows interest in the brand’s products or services, it’s time to secure their engagement and earn their loyalty. 

Engagement Campaigns

By the time the customer reaches the engagement stage, our AI and ML tools will have collected an array of data from multiple sources, combining customer data and recent behaviors with contextual data. 

This data can then be leveraged by marketers to analyze and segment customer profiles to develop deeply personalized, compelling engagements. 

Optimal engagements during this stage include push notifications, in-app messages, banner notifications, and personalized “my promo” tabs that deliver highly-relevant offers, discounts and product or service recommendations.

The key to securing a customer’s engagement and earning his or her loyalty is personalization. Commerce brands need to foster personalized interactions by delivering personalized engagements. 

Commerce marketers need the tools that enable them to derive valuable insights from each customer’s in-app behaviors, recent interests and offline behaviors to pinpoint what their customers really desire and deliver the right messages to them, at the right time.

By delivering engagements and notifications that align with the customers’ interests, the brand is demonstrating that it genuinely understands its customers, it’s listening to their needs, and it’s ready to reward them for loyal behaviors. 

Retention Campaigns

How do you keep your customer coming back to you and actively choosing your brand over your competition’s? By deploying effective, personalized retention campaigns. 

Retention campaigns include loyalty programs, curating rich, meaningful content, and delivering targeted offers and recommendations.

Effective retention campaigns tie offline behaviors to online behaviors, through features such as physical loyalty cards and location-based marketing. Physical loyalty cards can be connected to a brand’s mobile app to enable an easy, seamless system for point tracking and offer redemption. 

Loyalty programs can encourage more in-store visits, greater transaction values and higher offer redemption rates.

Location-based marketing is also advantageous for retaining customers and earning their loyalty. Brands can leverage data science to gain insight into the customer’s current location and previous locations to determine the most relevant, store-specific offers to deliver at the most impactful moments.

If a customer recently visited your store for a promotional event, their location data will reflect this, and your marketing team can leverage it to promote future events or recommend similar products.

Let’s say a customer recently visited a department store for an event like Black Friday. Targeted offers can be sent while the customer is still in the store, after they leave the store, or during the next year in preparation for another Black Friday. (See how Black Friday and the customer experience have evolved over time.)

Meaningful engagements that feel as though they were created specifically for that individual customer can increase customer satisfaction and encourage them to return to your brand for future offers or events. 

Why is mobile marketing important? 

Mobile marketing is important, because your customers are important. As a commerce company, your job is to interact with your customers how they choose to interact. 

In the modern world, customers are choosing to engage with brands through their most personal devices—their mobile phones. Commerce brands don’t need to reinvent the wheel or drive customers to a different platform. Marketers can work efficiently by meeting customers where they’re already present and willing to interact. 

Mobile marketing allows for persistent optimization. 

Mobile marketing features have transformed audience targeting and campaign optimization capabilities. With our advanced technologies, customer profiles can be segmented, based on demographics, interests, common characteristics and recent behaviors, such as recent app downloads, recent transactions or locations. 

Plexure provides a minimum of over 40 targeting and segmentation currently, and our experts can work with your marketing team to map out the specific customer segments most beneficial for your business. 

Marketers can then tailor messaging and marketing campaigns to deliver relevant engagements to individual customer profiles, with the utmost personalization. Our intelligent targeting engines make automatic optimizations, persistently improving targeting techniques as they continue to learn from customer behaviors and predict future behaviors in real-time.

Targeting technologies enable mobile marketers to expand their reach and target a wide range of customers, but at the same time narrow their reach by segmenting audiences and personalizing messages to align closely with each customer profile’s needs and desires.

Mobile marketing allows for more efficient marketing.

Through our mobile marketing platform, you can leverage automation and artificial intelligence to do most of the work for you. Your marketing team can create templated campaigns, offers, recommendations and promotional messaging to be delivered to specific customer profiles at the ideal time of day, through automation. 

Mobile marketing techniques eliminate the guessing game of determining what your customers want, when they want it, and how they want it. 

Your marketing team gains access to analytics and insights that pinpoint your customers’ desires, and personalized messages can be delivered automatically to support customer relationship management. 

At the touch of a button, your marketing team can schedule automated engagements to be delivered to individual customers as they reach certain touchpoints or perform specific behaviors. 

Mobile Marketing Techniques That Deliver Results

Mobile App Marketing

Customers expect their favorite brands to have mobile apps. They expect a frictionless customer experience with easy-to-navigate features, the ability to browse through products or services with an intuitive interface, mobile order & pay options - and above all, they want a highly personalized experience.

In fact, 72% of customers say they only interact with personalized engagements and 71% of consumers feel frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal (source).  

These recent key mobile marketing stats may surprise you. Personalization is at the center of every customer’s expectations. That’s why we offer mobile app solutions that enable next-level personalization. 

For commerce brands seeking to elevate their mobile marketing strategy and increase their return, developing an end-to-end mobile app should be a top priority. 

Between 2019 and 2020, there were more than 250,000,000 mobile apps downloaded every day (source). Chances are very high that your customers are actively downloading apps and willing to download your brand’s app.

Our mobile app solutions will support your marketing team in managing your customer relationships and supercharging your customers’ everyday experiences, by anticipating their needs and connecting them to what they want, at precisely the right time.

Location-Based Marketing

Leverage your customers’ location data to tie their offline behaviors to their online behaviors. By gaining insight into a customer’s current location and previous locations, your marketing team can gain greater insight into their desires and the specific engagements that drive them to perform desirable behaviors. 

Mobile marketing makes location-based marketing possible. Customers are no longer tied to their desktop computers when they’re searching for a brand’s services and products. They’re on-the-go, in a buying mentality, carrying their mobile devices into your store.

Through various location tracking techniques, including geofencing, geo-conquesting or beaconing, brands can immediately increase foot traffic, deliver more relevant ads and engagements to customers and divert customers from the competition via mobile app location-based marketing. 

QR Codes

QR codes are nifty mobile marketing tools that customers can present in-store, to be scanned at the point-of-sale. QR codes are unique codes, similar to barcodes, that are generated to trigger a predetermined behavior. 

These convenient codes can be scanned by customers to pull up restaurant menus, redeem offers and promotions in-store, make transactions, or redeem loyalty rewards points from their mobile devices. 

What is a mobile marketing platform and what are the benefits of using one?

Everything we just discussed - commerce brands can offer through a mobile marketing platform. We can’t speak for other mobile marketing platforms, but Plexure’s mobile marketing platform is an end-to-end solution that enables commerce brands to harness the power of data to deliver highly personalized mobile experiences at scale.

A mobile marketing platform is the invaluable tool a brand can use to create magical moments between the brand and their customers. 

From data collection and data analysis, to the creation of custom campaigns, the segmentation and targeting of individual audiences, automation and artificial intelligence tools that minimize the guesswork and maximize efficiency, our mobile marketing platform empowers your marketing team to evolve and test your mobile marketing strategy to drive significant business outcomes. That was a mouthful—but there’s no other way to summarize it.

A mobile marketing platform is truly an end-to-end, comprehensive solution that covers every base of a brand’s mobile marketing. 

Utilize actionable insights to iterate, refine and evolve your marketing activities to continuously and persistently enrich your customers’ lives. Leverage the power of data to create highly relevant, targeted individualized engagements. 

Is personalized marketing the savior of retail? We’d say so - and we know quite a bit about personalized marketing and the retail industry. We work with some of the world’s largest brands to build premium customer bases and increase sales at scale.

Enhance your customers’ experience - then go a step further. Our team of experts and our advanced technologies will help you do it. Book your demo today.

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