Customer Engagement Platform

What is a customer engagement platform?

Securing customer engagement is critical for commerce companies. When customers are engaged with your brand, they have a greater propensity to purchase your offerings. With the right customer engagement strategy, those engaged customers will continue to purchase and become increasingly loyal, and loyal customers bring in more revenue.

Voilà. Customer engagement is the secret to driving significant business outcomes. 

As more companies understand the value of customer engagement, they’re adopting solutions that facilitate meaningful engagement. Companies are using advanced marketing tools, systems and software to create deeply personalized experiences for each of their customers, and it’s working. 

Customers have come to expect this level of personalized engagement—especially through their mobile devices. Your customers expect you to know them, and they want relevant messaging delivered directly to their most personal devices, mobile. Your customers want a mobile experience that feels as though it was created just for them. 

A customer engagement platform is an advanced platform that streamlines processes through user-friendly dashboards to maximize a brand’s impact and support the brand in managing and enhancing their customer relationships. In other words, it’s a highly-advanced, highly-capable, modernized CRM tool. 

Engagement platforms enable brands to create highly personalized, seamless customer experiences that result in more profitable businesses.

Nowadays, you have to earn your customers’ loyalty by keeping them engaged through positive interactions. It’s not enough to hope that your customer chooses your brand again.

Customer engagement platforms are designed to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, improve internal workflows and processes, and enhance the external customer experience. These platforms can promote desirable outcomes from customers, by communicating with them at the right time in their customer journey. 

Every interaction through an engagement platform is meaningful, because every engagement is based on real-time data, behaviors and insightful qualities. Engagement platforms essentially mitigate the guessing game in marketing by basing content, offers, suggestions and messaging on highly-specific customer insights derived from machine learning.

The right platform can keep your internal processes organized and your efforts most productive to drive results throughout every stage of your customers’ lifecycle—from sale to retention. (We’re not biased or anything, but Plexure is the ‘right platform’ we speak of.)

Here’s what a customer engagement platform can do:

Optimize Touchpoints

Through intelligent automation, customer engagement platforms facilitate valuable, timely customer interactions with increased efficiency, and data-driven accuracy. 

From the moment your brand contacts a new customer, to the moment the customer purchases from your brand, and the post-sale period necessary to retain the customer. Every interaction needs to be optimized, personalized and meaningful. 

Optimizing your brand’s messaging and offers based on touchpoints, and where your customer is located in their lifecycle can significantly boost the return on your engagements. Optimized touchpoints help to reduce internal inefficiencies and maximize productivity through strategic automation by delivering personalized messages to your customers at critical moments in their journey. 

Gain Real-Time Insights

Real-time insights and measurements minimize the time between your customer interacting with your brand, and the moment their behavior or action is recorded as an insight.

With real-time insights, the customer’s exact experience is captured almost immediately, producing an accurate view of the customer’s genuine preferences, desires and needs. 

Real-time data is valuable for brands to create personalized offers and content for customers. These insights can be used to build rich customer profiles based on each customer’s preferences, historic purchases, demographics, contextual (current event) data, and their previous offer redemptions. 

Brands that use engagement platforms to develop these rich customer profiles can then deliver highly-targeted content and offers to customers at optimal moments.

Your brand can send product or service recommendations in real-time, while your customers are actively engaging with you.

Track and Measure Campaign Effectiveness

A customer engagement platform enables brands to streamline every piece of their mobile marketing. From the creation of highly-personalized messaging, to the measurement of each campaign’s progress and effectiveness after its launch. 

Identify which offers resonate best with specific customer profiles. Determine the most effective offers for a certain geographic group. These actionable analytics give your brand insight into the exact strategies proven to drive revenue lift and maximize the impact of every marketing campaign and every offer. 

At Plexure, we take data and analytics to the next level, because these insights drive future improvements—and persistent improvement is important to us. Our insights solution, Plexure Analytics, presents data and performance metrics through user-friendly, advanced dashboards and data visualization tools. 

Our streamlined measurement solution enables you to track how your campaigns are performing and identify areas to improve campaigns in real-time.

Analytic tools are essential for CRM, because great marketing is iterated and optimized in tune with changes in your customers' habits and preferences to identify your customers’ habits, your brand needs our world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) engines.

Gain a Genuine Understanding of the Customer Experience

In order to improve the customer experience, you have to understand the customer experience. Customer engagement platforms use advanced data science to help brands identify their customers’ specific needs and desires. 

Through Plexure’s award-winning customer engagement platform, you can leverage the power of AI and machine learning to gain insight into every step of your customers’ processes. This allows your brand to identify the types of offers that drive the best results for each customer profile, based on recent interests and behaviors. 

(What is explainable AI?)

Gaining these genuine insights allows your brand to further tailor your customer experience, based on real, clear data that minimizes the guesswork and grey-area interpretation to create more personalized engagements that produce the return you’re looking for. 

Build Authentic, Real-Time Relationships at Scale

Because trust us—your customers are taking it personally. Each of your customers has a long list of options when it comes to the businesses they choose to build a relationship with. 

The brand that builds the most authentic relationship with the customer wins.

In other words, your customers are in charge and your customer engagement platform needs to reflect that. Customer-centricity means listening to your customers’ needs closely and taking action (tailoring your marketing engagements) to let your customer know that they’re heard. 

This also means reaching your customers where they’re choosing to engage with you. 

In 2021 alone, there were 218 billion mobile apps downloaded by consumers worldwide. Mobile apps are transforming customer engagement by promoting habitual behaviors from customers. 

Through a mobile app, a brand can display rich content on the home page dashboard to not only engage app users, but to gather valuable customer data as well. Your customers’ behaviors (the certain offers they click on, or actions they take through the app) will be translated into data that can be used to continuously tailor and refine each customer’s mobile app experience.

What is customer engagement?

“Customer engagement” comprises any interactions your customers have with your brand. It’s the ongoing conversation you maintain with your customers.

Customer engagement is so essential, because it can drive measurable business growth if leveraged effectively.

Customer engagement can be challenging, because it’s on your customers’ terms. Your customer decides whether he or she wants to engage with your brand. Your brand is responsible for providing your customer with exactly what they need at the perfect time if you want to secure their engagement. 

Customer engagement platforms work as well as they do, because they’re developed based on the customer experience lifecycle, i.e. the exact journey your customer takes from the moment they’re aware of your brand to the moment they advocate for your brand and offer their loyalty. 

For your customers to make it to the loyalty stage, they must be nurtured and supported strategically—every step of the way. A customer engagement platform facilitates this nurturing process through timely communications based on real-time, advanced data and intelligent automation that adds the most value to your customers.

A Glimpse into the Customer Lifecycle

1. The Awareness Stage

Your customer is searching for your offerings and becoming aware of your brand. He or she may be comparing you with your competition and gathering the information necessary to make their decision.

Your brand’s engagements can be tailored to share the exact information your customer is looking for—the cost of your products, what problem your brand is solving, what you’re offering and how it’s better than your competitors’ offerings.

2. The Engagement Stage

Your customer is interested, but they want to know how you plan on solving their problems. Your brand needs to deliver messaging that acknowledges your customer’s pain points and presents solutions. 

Is the cost of your product a barrier? If so, you may offer a coupon, discount or a free product that encourages your customer to engage further or visit your store. 

Based on your customer’s data (his or her demographic and geographic data, struggles or pain points and recent online behaviors), the offerings and messaging you send during this stage can be tailored to speak to their specific needs and desires.

3. The Purchasing Stage

Your customer downloaded your app, visited your store for the first time and redeemed their first offer. This is a win—but what if they become a one-time customer? How do you ensure that they choose your brand again?

The answer: highly-personalized marketing that secures loyalty. 

4. The Loyalty Stage

Now it’s time to earn your customer’s loyalty. This is where your loyalty mobile app is essential! Your mobile app serves as a one-stop, user-friendly, digital shop for your customers to interact with your brand. Seamlessness and personalization are key here. 

Depending on your specific industry and your business’s unique objectives, functions such as mobile order and pay can drive more sales by increasing your customer satisfaction and decreasing the steps they take to purchase from your brand. 

These self-service features have proven to drive higher average order value and encourage customer loyalty through intelligent automation.

Your brand needs a seamless mobile experience that enables customers to do everything they need to do through one single channel. The more disparate channels you have, the less likely your customer is to seek out those channels and take desirable actions.

As your customer receives highly-personalized offers to their mobile device, their propensity to purchase from your brand increases. When your customer feels heard and understood, they feel connected to your brand and develop loyalty. 

The proof is in the pudding:

  • “75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards.”
  • “56% of customers stay loyal to brands that “get them.”’

Let Your experts in personalization do the heavy lifting

The best part is—you don’t have to do the work to figure out where your customer is in their life cycle and what type of messaging will resonate with them best. We do it for you. Well, our solutions do it for you. That’s the beauty of automation.

Machine learning provides the most accurate insight into your customer experience and automation provides the most effective marketing execution. Your brand isn’t relying solely on your customer’s memory via feedback surveys. You’re using real-time, undisputable data to improve your future offers and campaigns. 

By understanding your customer and demonstrating this understanding through personalized marketing, your brand can increase the customer lifetime value by taking action to prevent customers from dropping out of the funnel.

Through strategic automation, and timely delivery of messaging that compliments your customer’s exact experience, your brand can make the most out of every engagement.

Others Guess. Plexure Knows.

Our team of experts are passionate about the rapid evolution of mobile marketing.  We draw upon years of successes working with dynamic brands across the world, helping them to establish and maintain strong customer connections.

We’ve proven our expertise in modern mobile marketing time and time again. From the initial concept, to the rollout across thousands of stores in short periods of time, we’ve helped a number of successful brands on different timelines. 

If you’re looking to increase the number of in-store visits from your customers, increase the average transaction size, increase app adoption, offer redemptions and overall sales, book your demo today!

If you’re ready to take customer engagement to the next level through deep personalization, schedule a demo of the Plexure platform today.