7-Eleven Australia

Delivering deep personalization to increase customer longevity

Enhancing the convenience experience

7-Eleven Australia operates a chain of convenience stores across 700 locations. The company’s focus is on its customers and their experiences, with a main business goal to positively impact and transform regular, everyday moments into something great. Between 2016 and 2020, 7-Eleven launched its Fuel App, the first of its kind, designed to use a customer’s current location and fuel price data to allow motorists to find the best local fuel price at their five closest 7-Eleven stores, and lock in that price to be redeemed within the next seven days.

"The app has been adopted by many of our existing customers which is great to see, however the incremental customer growth is really exciting. Our research is telling us that our fuel app users tend to visit more often than nonfuel app customers. The total spend by fuel app customers is growing in line with the uptake of the app. Fuel app customers spend approximately three times the average spend of non-fuel app customers."

— Angus McKay, 7-Eleven CEO

Driving deeply personalized customer engagement

7-Eleven’s Fuel App included a page for promotions and special product offers, which were personalized and powered by the Plexure platform. Utilizing a range of data points including demographics, app behavior, real time and historic purchase data, preferences, location, weather, external events, contextual data and additional data from third-party credit card payment providers, Plexure worked with 7-Eleven to create customer clusters. These clusters were used to learn and target customers with highly personalized offers and content to drive sales in-store.

Through this approach, we successfully influenced customer behavior and converted unknown or infrequent purchasers into loyal and high-value customers. The program ensured 7-Eleven’s customers were engaged through every stage of the buyer journey with content that provided exclusive (VIP) treatment. Additionally, a repeating cycle of test and learn campaigns ensured continuous learning to develop new ways of engaging and influencing 7-Eleven’s customers

"Customers with the app get exclusive product discounts and offers in addition to the fuel price lock capability… Our customers loved the freebies, and it was a great way for us to work with our stores and suppliers to give customers the chance to try a range of products."

— Angus McKay, 7-Eleven CEO

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