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We want to make applying for a job at Plexure as smooth as possible. Below are a few FAQ to help make the process easy.

How do I apply for a job?

All our current jobs are advertised on this page. If you do find a role you're interested in, simply click 'Apply for this job'. You'll be asked some questions including personal details relevant to the position you are applying for. Don't forget to have your CV ready too.

This depends on the role you’re applying for. If you're selected for an interview, we may request examples of your work. If you have a portfolio or samples of your work available online, it’s always a good idea to include links to these in your CV.

It varies. For most positions, we begin the process with a phone interview. If there's interest on both sides, we’ll invite you for an interview or a technical test (for technical roles). There is also an interview with the hiring manager. However, each team is unique and some may have their own variation of the interview process.

Please also note that not all interviews at Plexure are conducted in person. Where both parties can't be in the same location a Zoom call may be scheduled. Your Plexure recruitment advisor will cover off subsequent interview steps during the initial phone interview.

It’s always a good idea to review the job advert in detail – this will help you think about how your skills and experience match what is required in the role as well as prepare some great examples to provide during the interview.

It is also good practice to do your own research about Plexure outside of what you find on our website; there may be interesting pieces of information you could refence in the interview.

Technical interviews at Plexure involve  scenario-based questions that relate to the daily work you’ll be doing and is likely to involve a deep technical conversation around your completed technical exercise (if applicable) and previous projects.

Logical thinking, critical analysis and honesty are valued and there is often no one “right answer”. Brush up on your computer science principles keeping in mind performance, concurrency, scalability and resiliency. Think about how you would solve problems on a large-scale, high-performance web platform used by millions around the world.

We're a jeans and t-shirt kind of company, but please feel free to wear what makes you feel professional and comfortable during your interview.

It’s ok to be nervous. Many people feel this way in interview situations. Communication is key. As you complete tasks and consider questions, let us know what you are thinking. If you don’t know an answer completely, be sure to demonstrate what you do know and explain where you would go to find the rest of the answer.

Qualify answers and ask questions. Don't be afraid to follow up an answer with: "Does that answer your question?" If we come back with a "not quite", you get another opportunity.

Interviews can take a little while - don’t hesitate to ask for an extra glass of water or anything else you may need. We want to make the process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible - this is not an inquisition!

Decision timelines vary depending on which role you’ve applied for. Interviewers will usually debrief after an interview and pass their feedback/recommendations onto our recruitment team. We try to make a final decision within a few business days once you have successfully concluded your final interview and we have completed reference and background checks.

Not usually. Please speak to your Recruitment Advisor if this is a concern for you.

Yes. Flexible working is a key aspect of working at Plexure. And we know that it can mean different things to different people.

We employ people from all walks of life with different responsibilities and priorities outside work and it’s important to us that they can juggle their work and home lives successfully.

We also believe that flexible working isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ but that it’s good for our people and Plexure, so we’re open to considering flexible ways of working and accommodating it where we can.

We want people to do the best work of their lives and fulfill their career goals while maintaining a happy work-life balance.

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All our current vacancies are advertised in our live roles section. However, if we don’t have any live roles that match your experience, but you’d still like to send us your CV, please use the form below. We’ll be in touch if a role that matches your experience becomes available.