Employee Spotlight: Ellie Lee, Plexure Senior Test Engineer

At Plexure, we are committed to empowering our employees and cultivating an awesome company culture. For the Plexure Employee Spotlight series, we’re putting the spotlight on those at Plexure who are living out #teamplexure.

This month, we're shining a light on Ellie Lee, Senior Test Engineer based in the Auckland, NZ Head Office.

Tell us about your role at Plexure and what you enjoy about it

As a senior test engineer, I check new functions and the performance of products and implement the test automation suite to continuously deliver high-quality products.

In addition to verifying the results in detail, I plan how to test them from the time of planning, analyze how they will affect customers and existing products, and present constraints or risk factors. My favorite part in Plexure is that I can contribute to making better products by participating in the entire process.

Why did you decide to join Plexure?

Plexure seemed to be a growing company and an IT leader who did not hesitate to accept new technologies. Also, their products are used worldwide, so I thought I could try a variety of the cutting-edge technologies.

In your time at Plexure, what’s something you’ve achieved/accomplished that you’re most proud of?

Plexure strives to create numerous new features and improve products, and turns the regression test tool every day to verify it, which I am most proud of reducing the verification time to a quarter so that related engineers can see the results faster.

Have there been any memorable moments or events whilst you have been with Plexure?

It is Tree adventure team activity. Basically, I like to stay at home and enjoy urban life. However, the experience that walked on trees in the forest allowed me to properly taste the beauty of nature in New Zealand. Moreover, I cannot forget the cheers of my colleagues when I try scary sliding.

How do like to spend your spare time?

Before Covid19, I enjoyed traveling around the world and exploring different environments and famous restaurants. After the lockdown, I have a hobby of cooking on my own, so when I have time, I look for a new recipe.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know

I like to sing, so I recently performed Handel's oratorio in a dress as a choir member.

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