Campaign Optimization

Utilize actionable insights to iterate, refine and evolve your marketing activities to continuously enrich your customers’ lives.

Use insights to supercharge your marketing

Great marketing follows a process of measurement and learning, iteration and refinement. Plexure’s analytical tools and team of data scientists enable you to extract rich, actionable insights to inform your next moves, optimize your offers and content and identify which products to recommend to which customers.

How we can help

Access reports and metrics to test and learn about the effectiveness of my marketing activities.

Marketing is best undertaken with the right data so you can make good decisions. Plexure Analytics is a marketer’s best friend; putting data from multiple sources at your fingertips to see exactly how your campaigns are performing. User-friendly dashboards are up to date and accessible from anywhere. Our team will work with you to customize Plexure Analytics, identifying the data, metrics and reporting you need to keep creating moments of magic for your customers.

Understand more about my customers and their lifecycles to inform next activities.

Plexure Analytics provides the ability to identify trends and analyze what triggers them. Armed with these insights, you can influence buyer behavior and keep your customers highly engaged. Plus, our alerts system lets you know of any fluctuations or extraordinary activity so you can act immediately, and with razor sharp focus.

Create powerful and dynamic customer segments to create automated, scalable 1:1 marketing campaigns.

There are almost endless combinations you can try using Plexure’s segment builder. Harness the power of your data to create refined, targeted and highly impactful marketing campaigns down to an individual level that result in engaged customers who feel recognized and valued.

Take customer learnings to cross and upsell based on individual preferences, as well as optimize offers and recommend the right products.

Make your marketing dynamic with Plexure’s AI and machine learning informing what to sell, to whom and when. Optimize offers by placing them only on products the customer would not already have purchased. And add value by recommending products you know your customers will love.

Achieve specific outcomes of high relevance, such as dynamic segmentation or fraud detection.

Plexure’s data scientists are some of the best in the business. Whether it’s a one-off project or working together in an ongoing capacity, we’ll help tackle your complex business challenges to create customer relationship magic.