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How To Create a Loyalty Marketing Program That Works

An effective loyalty marketing program can minimize customer churn, increase your revenue, attract new customers and engage existing customers.

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Transactional Data – What Is It and How Brands Can Leverage It To Build Loyalty

What is transactional data and how brands can leverage it to build loyalty?

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Optimizing the Customer Journey through Mobile Engagement

Optimizing your customer journey through mobile engagement is critical to nurturing and retaining your loyal customers. In this blog, we discuss how to engage consumers and gather valuable data to ultimately increase customer lifetime value.

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Explainable AI Part II, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Machine

In the second part of our Explainable AI series, we discuss the importance of explainability and how XAI can be used to improve trust between consumers and companies.

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Increasing customer engagement — the importance of timeliness

As brands fight for market share, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. So how can marketers cut through the noise and build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers? The key is timeliness.

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The Future of Loyalty

Plexure hosted a panel of experts to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on loyalty, the advancements of loyalty technology, and how brands should adapt to compete. Read the blog for an abbreviation of key insights.

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Loyalty with a capital “L” (and where loyalty with a little “l” fits in)

A brand’s ability to attract and retain loyal customers has never been more important. In this blog, we discuss how loyalty programs can help build a more loyal and profitable customer base.

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Turn these 10 key mobile marketing stats into growth in 2021

We analyzed these 10 mobile marketing stats for 2021 with key takeaways and practical tips to help brand leaders reevaluate their strategy and take action.

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