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What is RFM and How to Do an RFM Analysis

To establish yourself as a market leader, remain competitive, or stand out in today’s market, it’s crucial you have a clear understanding of your key audiences, their needs and also their values.

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How To Use Personalization AI in Your Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable brands to achieve the highest level of personalization through their mobile marketing.

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The Power of Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing can foster more meaningful engagements across all touch points in the customer lifecycle.

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Is Your Brand Capitalizing on the Value That Loyalty Can Deliver?

How do you grow and retain customers and drive engagement and brand loyalty in a world with more choice than ever?

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What Is Mobile Marketing

A brand’s mobile marketing campaign encompasses all touchpoints a customer has throughout their journey through their mobile devices.

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How To Get Actionable Insights From Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics gives your marketing team the insights you need to minimize frustrations in the buying journey and improve your bottom line.

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How To Create a Loyalty Marketing Program That Works

An effective loyalty marketing program can minimize customer churn, increase your revenue, attract new customers and engage existing customers.

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How to Leverage Transactional Data

What is transactional data and how brands can leverage it to build loyalty?

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