Creating magical
moments between
brands and consumers

We harness the power of data to help brands deliver highly personalized mobile experiences at scale.

Personalization is king.

Consumers now demand personalization across the entire buyer journey. And, almost half of all consumers will stop engaging with brands that send irrelevant messages. 

Customer experience transformation is essential.

According to Gartner, ‘Organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%’.

Bridge the gap between digital and offline worlds. 

Plexure helps brands create real-time deep personalization to build a winning customer engagement formula that drives purchases and uplifts customer lifetime value. 

Making magic happen - your experts in personalization

Harnessing the power of data and personalization, we help brands incentivize
their customers to return to physical stores.

Strategy & Execution

We help you develop, evolve and test your mobile marketing strategy to drive your business outcomes.


Personalized Customer Engagement

Leverage the power of data to create highly relevant, targeted individualized engagements.

Campaign Optimization

Utilize actionable insights to iterate, refine and evolve your marketing activities to continuously enrich your customers’ lives. 


What if you could make each person feel as though their customer experience was designed just for them?

Digital customer engagement is making this a reality. In part one of our three-part series on Explainable AI, we delve into what it is, why it's important and its impact on society. 



Build rich, 360-degree customer profiles and utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization.

Utilize Plexure’s suite of intelligence modules to create a cadence of test, learn and optimize that ensures you’re solving business challenges and always one step ahead of the competition. 

Accelerate your digital transformation with mobile order and pay, a customizable mobile app, a platform to harness all your data and a CMS to run personalized marketing campaigns

As a leader in customer engagement, we work with some of the world’s largest brands to build premium customer bases and increase sales

Next generation customer engagement for Super Indo

Next generation customer engagement for Super Indo

Plexure developed an end-to-end customizable mobile app solution for Indonesian grocer Super Indo to provide a more seamless, personalized customer experience. See the case study to find out how we helped Super Indo increase average basket size by 55%.

Creating the restaurant experience of the future

Enhanced customer engagement at scale

Creating the restaurant experience of the future

Plexure worked with this global QSR client to develop a customized mobile engagement solution that processed 41 million guests daily and achieved 40% incremental sales count.

Enhanced customer engagement at scale

Plexure works with this global QSR client to execute an annual Christmas marketing campaign designed to enhance customer engagement and increase visits in the lead up to the holiday. Just one of the results of the 2019 was a 64% uplift in sales!  


Developing deep personalization to increase customer longevity

Plexure worked with 7-Eleven Australia to achieve significant business benefits, including 71% year-on-year growth between 2016 and 2020. Read the case study to find out the full story.

Increasing average check in retail

Increasing average check in retail

Plexure worked with a leading global homeware and furniture retailer to increase average check by 25% by incentivizing customers to add one more item to their baskets.