Bring your customers closer with richer mobile experiences 

Effective mobile marketing is about understanding your customer’s ‘here and now’, not just knowing their history or preferences. It’s about becoming an active part of customer behaviour, delivering value in every interaction.


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Create personalized experiences from day one, ensuring more app downloads and usage, and a higher level of brand engagement in the first four weeks.


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Delight customers with more relevant offers and experiences, and become a regular part of their digital and in-store behaviour. 


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More engaging experiences make customers feel valued, reducing churn, increasing return visits and encouraging them to interact more with your brand. 

The most complete platform for mobile engagement in store and on the move

Your customers are connected: their relationships with brands span online, offline, in-store and out. Plexure connects your brand and customers through mobile devices and the IoT, making sure you’re an integral part of that relationship. By becoming part of your customers’ real-world experiences, you can offer greater value to customers in real time: wherever they are.

IoT Orchestration

IoT connectivity means Plexure knows when everything happens. Use live contextual data including time of day, weather and traffic conditions to create relevant marketing  delivered to your customers’ mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Capable of capturing tens-of-thousands of events per second, Plexure allows you to collect and react to more customer events than ever before. Reach and influence customers at key moments in the purchase journey.

Machine Learning

Plexure rapidly improves insights from data analytics so you can create individually targeted marketing that delivers the best customer experience and most value to your brand.

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