Plexure's intelligent platform powers mobile marketing, helping brands create world-class customer engagement

Measure every purchase transaction alongside real-time data like location and weather conditions. By combining behavioral and purchase data, Plexure intelligently retargets your customers, driving return visits and increased spend.

Analyze all customer loyalty transactions to influence and incentivize valuable behaviors. Optimize your loyalty program with Plexure’s intelligent insights, rewarding customers while creating additional value for your business. 

 We combined POS data, machine learning and weather data with one of the world’s largest mobile loyalty programs and increased their number of weekly customers by 10.6%


Integrate digital and in-store technology for seamless customer experiences. Plexure combines data from websites, mobile, point of sale and connected in-store technology to optimize all real-world customer experiences.

By combining beacons, push messaging and customer purchase data, we generated a 50% uplift in in-store engagement and an 8% uplift in impulse purchase.

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