We operate in one of the most dynamic and changing environments in the world. Shaping customer behaviour at the individual level is now a reality through the convergence of a range of technologies, devices and channels that provide a complex web of opportunities for businesses to reach customers in ways that were inconceivable just a couple of years ago.

This is the space where VMob plays – at the cutting edge of technology developments which allow us to bring together a wealth of information about consumers to enable our clients to engage at an individual and personal level to meet their customers needs.

This world has quickly moved beyond engagement solely through mobile technology.

Our customers want to exploit the world of connected devices and connected consumers. A world, where right now, we are working with big clients. The breadth of engagements that are driving our new revenue includes Internet of Things (IOT) devices, in-bar screens, RFID tags, beacons, WiFi, even voice and facial recognition and much more.

To succeed in this world we must be fluid, adapt to market dynamics and the speed of change that is occurring.

We now know that, whilst the mobile is still central to the way consumers engage digitally and will always be a key tool, our brand partners are seeking a wider offer.

Customers have told us that VMob as the brand name for the future of our business is too limiting as it immediately implies we only operate as a mobile play.

We don’t and we can’t.

Our future is a brand and a proposition which reflects the commercial opportunity in the market and enables us to maintain leadership of the thinking around individual customer engagement.

The value proposition we bring to our customers is simple. 


We use digital insights to optimize transactions in the real world for business with physical locations. In doing so, we have articulated what we do – optimize transactions, where we do it – in the real world and for whom we do it – business with physical locations.

To reinforce the sheer breadth of offer we looked for a brand name that could carry this promise with longevity and meaning.
The name we have settled on is Plexure, from the Latin plexus, which means the 'art of weaving together’. This is precisely what we deliver to our customers who rely on us to keep them at the leading edge of consumer engagement.

For real-world examples of how we’re working with brands to influence behavior and optimize transactions, check out our new Plexure showcase videos:


Plexure remains a publicly traded company on the NZX, the stock symbol has been updated to PLX.NZ - Please see the new Plexure investor information page for more information on investing and NZX listing information.