Power your marketing with Plexure

Redefine your customer experience and drive results through personalized mobile marketing.

Plexure’s magic is our ability to help you supercharge your customers’ everyday experiences – anticipating their needs and connecting them to what they want, at precisely the right time.

360-degree customer profiles

We enable brands to deliver personalization by creating a 360-degree view of each customer to identify the right engagement specifically for them. The Plexure platform brings together a constant stream of big data from a range of sources such as customer preferences, purchase, demographic and contextual data (such as weather or events). Generate profiles for each individual customer, deliver targeted content and offers and refine recommendations in real time based on customer behavior.  

Deep segmentation and targeting

To establish a profile of your ideal customers, you first need to understand who is buying your products and services. Plexure’s advanced segmentation and targeting tool makes customer profiling a breeze by enabling you to create custom segments based on the most relevant data available and aligning with KPIs specific to your business.  Extract valuable insights such as who your most profitable customers are, highest value segments or most likely to churn, and target them with the right content at the right time. We provide a minimum of over 40 targeting and segmentation criteria but can also work with you to map out the customer segments important to your business.  

See how Plexure works with your organization


Plexure’s mobile technology provides customers with deeply personalized compelling offers, allowing grocers to target 1:1 and reduce ineffective bulk discounting.

Plexure's end-to-end mobile engagement solution enables QSRs to build rich customer profiles. Leverage this data to provide deeply personalized offers that increase average transaction value.

Plexure's provides fuel and convenience stores with an end-to-end mobile engagement solution to send deeply personalized offers that drive greater visits and increase average transaction value.

Plexure’s end-to-end customer engagement solution enables high frequency retailers to leverage personalized, targeted offers to drive customers back in-store.