Make marketing magic

Personalization done right is magical; it creates an authentic connection with each and every customer. To achieve this, marketers must be able to harness the power of data and AI — and that’s where Plexure comes in.

Surprise and delight your customers

Deep personalization is about delivering exceptional experiences that leave customers feeling recognized and valued. Plexure harnesses data from multiple touch points and gives you the tools to deliver compelling offers, content and recommendations that incentivize consumers to spend more.

Automate 1:1 campaigns using data & Artificial Intelligence

Make your marketing dynamic with Plexure’s analytical tools guiding you on what to offer, to whom and when. Optimize offers by placing them only on products the customer would not already have purchased. And add value by recommending products you know your customers will love. With Plexure, your brand will be the one that gets noticed the most.

Deep personalization for marketers

Create highly personalized mobile experiences that build lasting relationships.


Personalization & Loyalty

Build rich customer profiles, utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization and develop world-class loyalty programs.

Utilize Plexure’s suite of intelligence modules to create a cadence of test, learn and optimize that ensures you’re solving business challenges and always one step ahead of the competition. 

Accelerate your digital transformation with Plexure Order & Pay, our customizable mobile app and Plexure Campaigns to harness all your data and a CMS to run personalized marketing campaigns. All assisted by Plexure Consumer Care.