The state of the grocery industry: 4 trends shaping the next normal

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a surge in grocery shopping, particularly online, as consumers stock up while spending more time at home. Although grocers benefit from strong sales during this period, they have also been overwhelmed with challenges, ranging from managing backlogged supply chains to implementing new delivery and curbside pickup options.

However, grocers can not assume that customers will give them a pass indefinitely for operational issues and poor customer experience that occur during this period.

After reading this report, you will understand how grocers can overcome COVID-19 related challenges and build customer loyalty that lasts beyond this crisis. The report includes insights and data on prominent trends shaping the next normal in the grocery industry, including:

  • Low customer aquisition costs
  • New demographics flocking to online grocery
  • The rise of contactless commerce
  • Curbside pickup growth

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