[Webinar] How mobile order & pay drove record results for McDonald's Japan amid COVID-19

After launching their mobile order and pay (MOP) program in January 2020, the McDonald’s Japan app quickly hit #1 in the country as consumers embraced contactless commerce in the era of social distancing. Since the rollout, McDonald’s Japan has nearly doubled their average check and dramatically increased app adoption, offer redemption, and overall sales.

Well before the pandemic compelled brick-and-mortars to face digital transformation, McDonald’s led the industry in optimizing consumer experience in-store via technology. For this virtual fireside chat, Plexure welcomed Raphaël Mazoyer, VP Digital Marketing at McDonald’s Japan, to discuss consumer engagement through digitally enabled service, content personalization and mobile ordering, and the success of MOP in Japan.

A few of the topics discussed:

  • A brief introduction to the MOP program and technology landscape implemented at McDonald's Japan
  • Optimizing the customer experience through digital tools such as loyalty programs, mobile order and pay, and content personalization
  • Consumer behavior, awareness, and organic adoption of mobile ordering
  • What's next for optimizing digitally-enhanced service at McDonald's
  • The role of digital transformation and personalized marketing in the competitive positioning of QSRs and brick-and-mortar businesses at large

This webinar aired on Wednesday, June 24 at 3:00pm EDT/EST.

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