[Virtual Roundtable] Innovating customer engagement: A mobile success story with Super Indo

Since launching their Plexure-powered mobile app back in July, Ahold Delhaize Group brand Super Indo is on track for success with some promising early stats emerging around app adoption and average basket size.

For this virtual fireside chat, Plexure welcomes two members of the Super Indo team instrumental to this success, Johan Boeijenga, CEO and Dewi Miranda, GM Marketing & Ecommerce, to discuss how the app has transformed the shopping experience for their customers.

We will discuss:
  • Early results - how they measure up against initial targets
  • How Covid has impacted trading
  • Consumer behavior, awareness, and organic adoption
  • What's next in the digital transformation journey

This webinar aired on Thursday, September 24 at 4:00pm EDT/EST.

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