State of the QSR Industry:

Feeding Demand for a More Digital, Efficient Experience

In a world where consumers see thousands of unsolicited messages from brands each day, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And if a customer does give a brand a chance, there are too many alternatives for them to return following a sub-par experience.

For quick-service restaurants (QSRs), that means they need to quickly adapt to changing customer preferences. The pandemic dramatically accelerated the shift to digital experiences for everything from ordering to payment to personalized rewards, and too many customers have gotten used to these conveniences to turn back.

While there’s still time to make changes — not every customer is making a final decision today on where and how they’ll get their meals — the window won’t be open forever. Just as consumers have shifted hard toward streaming, leaving some legacy media companies behind, they are also moving quicky toward restaurants and related brands that provide digital, efficient experiences. And if QSRs don’t meet these demands, third-party apps and other types of restaurants will gladly step in to fill the void.

Fortunately, there are clear steps QSRs can take to evolve. In this report, we explore five key trends/focal points that QSRs need to understand and prioritize, including:

  1. Mobile/Digital Ordering as the New Norm
  2. Contactless Is Here to Stay
  3. Creating a Better Pickup Experience
  4. Upgrading Drive-Throughs
  5. Elevating Delivery

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