Catering to a ‘market of one’

A guide to data-driven personalized marketing for consumer-facing brands

Consumers are fast becoming accustomed to a much more personalized customer journey. This shift has been driven by the introduction of new technologies enabling a customized approach to how brands interact with their customers. In order to be successful, brands must adapt to a mobile-first approach that delivers the 1:1 experience their customers expect.

In this guide we analyze the importance of personalized customer engagement; what it is, why you should be doing it and what you need to execute it well.

We discuss:

  1. Why consumers are demanding a more personal experience
  2. Aligning your marketing strategy with changing consumer expectations
  3. How to get your personalization engine up and running
  4. Using data to trigger the dopamine effect, or 'purchase pleasure'
  5. Best practices like personalized offers, loyalty programs, and gamification
  6. Why personalization is harder with one-size-fits-all solutions

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