Explainable AI

What it is, why it’s important and the impact it has on businesses and society

What if you could make each person feel as though their customer experience was designed just for them?

Digital customer engagement is moving toward making this a reality where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key enabler. Many organizations are relying on old schools of thought using retrospective analyses, which are slow to react and focus on ‘what happened’ rather than ‘what could be’.

Plexure’s in-house data scientists understand the challenges involved in deploying real-world AI models that not only have business impact but are also explainable to multiple stakeholders. This three-part series delves into their learnings, insights, and tips on the subject of Explainable AI. 

We'll discuss:

  1. What Explainable AI is
  2. Why understanding AI is important
  3. Social and commercial motivations

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