Power your mobile marketing with Plexure


The customer engagement platform built for marketers

Plexure is an intelligent marketing platform that powers customer engagement. We give you customer and contextual data, and the insights you need to create next level marketing.


Create personalized mobile engagement at scale

Build automated campaigns that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to continuously evolve: whether you have 100 locations or 1000. Generate profiles of individual customers, deliver targeted content and offers, and refine recommendations in real time based on customer behavior.


The complete mobile marketing toolkit

Get the tools you need to engage customers with content and offers curated specifically for them. Plexure's user-friendly campaign manager gives you a suite of configurable components including news, ads, banners, redeemable offers, loyalty cards, gamification and push notifications.


Big data, amplified

Plexure helps you unlock your data’s full potential and increase customer lifetime value. Combine customer and contextual data to create marketing campaigns that anticipate customer needs. Give them what they want, when they want it, where they need it. Get a single view of customers across channels, enabling more granular personalization from a single data set that includes:

  • Weather conditions

  • Store proximity

  • Loyalty activities

  • App interactions

  • Demographic and profile data

  • Past purchases

  • Time of day

  • Location



Personalized marketing across all your channels

Use Plexure to power marketing across your direct to customer and in-store channels. Reach customers when it matters most, and automatically feed their activity back to Plexure for future campaign refinement. Plexure works across all consumer touchpoints.

Personalized engagement that resonates

  • Geo-fence, broadcast, beacon push messages

  • Third–party event triggered push messages

  • Contextual triggered push messages

  • Personalized advertisements and offers

  • Rules based decisioning

  • Inventory linked offers

  • Wi-Fi connected offers

  • A/B testing

  • Digital asset management

  • Online approval process

  • Campaign management

  • Gamification

  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence powered loyalty



Loyalty programs that boost customer retention

Keep your valuable customers close by creating sticky relationships. Use points earn and burn, status, tiering, gamification and personalized offers to engage customers and drive Customer Lifetime Value. Reward customer actions, encourage referrals, and provide valuable incentives to return.


Loyalty programs that work

  • Adaptors for existing loyalty systems

  • POS integration

  • Fraud prevention

  • Points earn and burn

  • Bonus point logic

  • Transaction history

  • Gamification

  • Points balance

  • Decision engine

  • Rewards wallet

  • Targeted rewards

  • Profile management

  • Customer care portal

  • Call center integration



Mobile ordering & payment

Reduce checkout time and grow average sales value. Enable a truly great customer experience with custom ordering, order queuing, order tracking, delivery integration, beacon tracking and geo-fencing. Plexure is technology agnostic for easy POS integration with a fully customizable UX.

Order from anywhere

  • Queue tracking

  • Arrival check in

  • Just in time order processing

  • Order status tracking

  • Collection/Delivery integration

  • Re-targeting

  • Near real time menu updates

  • Custom ordering

  • Favorite orders

  • 1-tap re-orders

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell



Powerful insights and analytics

You’ll find a range of user-friendly dashboards and data visualization tools in Plexure Analytics Studio.

We put intuitive data visualization at your fingertips. Dive into your data, understand what’s driving customer behavior, and gain critical insights to power your marketing activity. Use Plexure’s out of the box dashboards to refine your campaigns, drive revenue growth and prove the ROI of your digital marketing.

Understand your customers

  • Tagging

  • Marketing Database

  • Integration of third-party data sources

  • Audience segmentation

  • Building custom ETLs

  • Bulk data exports

  • Dashboards

  • Third party visualisation integration

  • CRM programs

  • Customer lifecycle analysis



Optimized operations for maximized revenue

It’s easy to integrate Plexure into your existing ecosystem: use one of our pre-built integrations, or connect your marketing tools and PoS systems using our SDKs and API.




At Plexure, we support clients around the globe. Support SLAs are available at a range of levels including 24x7 support: http://support.plexure.com




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