Experiences that delight and inspire your customers


A leader in customer engagement software

  • Increases frequency and spend

  • Fast and convenient

  • Valuable and rewarding

  • Relevant and contextual

  • Integrated and seamless

  • Insightful and actionable


Personalization at scale

Plexure creates a data-driven rich profile of your customers, then helps you to engage with them at the right time with the right message.

We help you design CRM programs designed to welcome, develop and win back customers.


Offers that resonate

  • Geo-fence, broadcast, beacon push messages

  • Third–party event triggered push messages

  • Contextual triggered push messages

  • Personalized advertisements

  • Personalized offers with AI powered offering

  • Rules based decisioning

  • Inventory linked offers

  • Wi-Fi connected offers

  • A/B testing

  • Digital asset management

  • Online approval process

  • Campaign management



Loyalty programs that reward customers

Our loyalty engine builds a two way relationship with your customers to maximize lifetime value.

Earn and burn points, status, tiering with personalized offers, and next generation dashboards motivate the next purchase and keep customers coming back.


Mobile order & pay

Reduce checkout time and grow average sales value. Enable your customers to browse your menu and place orders from anywhere.

Enable a truly great customer experience with custom ordering, order queuing, order tracking, delivery integration, beacon tracking and geo-fencing.

Our platform technology agnostic, easy POS integration with a fully customizable UX.


Order from anywhere

  • Queue tracking

  • Arrival check in

  • Just in time order processing

  • Order status tracking

  • Collection/Delivery integration

  • Near real time menu updates

  • Custom ordering

  • Favourite orders

  • 1-tap re-orders

  • Upsell and Cross-sell

  • Re-targeting




Powerful Insights

  • Tagging

  • Marketing Database

  • Integration of third-party data sources

  • Audience segmentation

  • Building custom ETLs

  • Bulk data exports

  • Dashboards

  • Third party visualisation integration

  • CRM programs

  • Customer lifecycle analysis



Integrated operations

Extra sales without extra friction

  • Custom UX – No restrictions on design elements

  • Universal apps – supports multi country single instance app

  • Inventory integration – No more out of stocks

  • Menu integration – Supports day part, holidays and campaigns

  • Menu filtering - supports different products at different locations

  • Store integration – supports different stores with different hours and collection methods

  • POS integration – supports different prices at different locations and multiple payment methods

  • Direct order injection – Order direct to kitchen, no dual keying at POS

  • Capacity alerts – Track service bottle necks at POS, Kitchen and Collection point

  • Order management – Manage orders centrally or locally including refunds

  • Survey feedback – Hear the voice of your customer



At Plexure, we support clients around the globe. Support SLAs are available at a range of levels including 24x7 support.

Our support portal can be accessed here: