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The “Dopamine Effect”: The psychology behind personalized marketing

The fifth and final blog in our series covering the changing face of consumer engagement examines the “dopamine effect” – how it plays into the psychology behind personalized marketing and how big data can help brands leverage this reaction.

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About the technology: why personalization is harder with one-size-fits-all solutions

The fourth blog in our series on the changing face of customer engagement looks at what’s involved in implementing personalized marketing, including the selection of technology.

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The Importance and Benefits of Personalized Marketing

In the third blog of our five-part series on the changing face of customer engagement, we focus on the importance of personalization, particularly as an element of your digital strategy.

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Transforming customer engagement

In our second of this five part series on the changing face of customer engagement we delve into the effects of COVID-19 and what’s changing, how consumer-facing brands are responding and the role technology plays.

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Building consumer loyalty in uncertain conditions

In the wake of COVID-19, companies around the world are challenged with maintaining brand loyalty amid great uncertainty. Because staying connected with consumers is top of mind for all businesses during this period, we brought together a panel of top consumer brand experts to address the burning questions.

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Catering to a ‘market of one’

Innovative use of technology by retailers like Amazon have instigated a significant shift in consumer behavior and demands and the decline of once industry-leading brands such as Sears has led to what’s being called a ‘retail apocalypse’. In this blog we focus on what’s driving the changing face of the industry and how retailers are responding.

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Successfully executing personalized marketing campaigns at scale

The more extensive the customer profiles you build, the greater your ability to personalize and the greater the value the customer derives from the interaction. Data is central to this equation; it is essential to executing personalization at scale.

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Data – personalization or weaponization?

Don’t alienate your international customers, and don’t stick your head in the sand. Just make sure your marketing technology partners have robust data security and aren’t collecting data without explicit permission.

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Optimization, not cannibalization

Adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to traditional customer behavior models enables you to generate better predictions from your data and create better personalization for your customers.

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Is personalized marketing the savior of retail?

The economy is softening and brick and mortar retailers are facing mounting challenges. Is personalized mobile marketing the thing that’s going to save retail from the impending apocalypse?

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