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Plexure Employee Spotlight: Jacques Lourens

Meet Jacques Lourens, Commercial Manager at Plexure and the first to feature in our Plexure Employee Spotlight blog series.

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Turn these 10 key mobile marketing stats into growth in 2021

We analyzed these 10 mobile marketing stats for 2021 with key takeaways and practical tips to help brand leaders reevaluate their strategy and take action.

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Re-evaluating your mobile ordering solution post the onset of COVID-19

Covid has accelerated the adoption of new technologies while brands scramble to adapt to a new reality. We sit down with Plexure’s Chief Product Officer, Richard Fraser to discuss five key areas he recommends brands consider when undertaking a review of their mobile ordering solution.

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The Future of Mobile Commerce | Plexure Blog

Plexure hosted a panel of experts to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on commerce, the advancements of mobile commerce, and how business unit owners can catch up if they are lagging behind in implementing new technologies. Read the blog for an abbreviation of key insights.

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The making of Plexure’s new brand video, “Others Guess, Plexure Knows”

In addition to ensuring the safety of cast and crew, the intention of the “Others Guess, Plexure Knows” video was to tell Plexure’s story in a refreshing and entertaining way. Here’s how we did it.

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Three ways COVID has shaken up the grocery industry, and what the future might hold

The grocery industry is undergoing a significant transformation to digital commerce. Accelerated by COVID-19, this shift is being driven by evolving consumer demands for contactless, seamless more personalized customer experiences, and new categories of consumers starting to shop online.

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The evolution of modern marketing and the rise of a customer centric approach

The focus of modern day marketing is on real-time connections and social exchanges, with a monumental shift toward the consumer being very much in the driving seat. As the fight for consumer attention rages on, a customer-first approach is the key to success.

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Consumer driven order and pay: Why quick service restaurants need to adopt to compete

The onset of COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of technology which reduces the physical interaction required to make a purchase. Mobile order and pay app adoption is on the rise, and the benefits for both the brands and their customers are vast.

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