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Why grocery stores are adding mobile & IoT to the shopping list

It's probably not a stretch to say most grocery shoppers prioritize getting in, getting what they need and getting out. In this case, food retailers should be looking for ways to make shopping trips as painless as possible by using mobile and connected tech to personalize experiences while helping customers to save money and time in-store.

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Connected clientelling

The exciting thing about bringing IoT into the retail equation is it makes potentially complex customer service techniques like clientelling more accessible to the masses. In a nutshell it means making customer information available to associates so they can assist customers better – a perfect (and perfectly obvious) use of a platform like Plexure.

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Using Multiworld Testing to find the perfect offer

Making decisions about what offers to personalize to which customers isn’t simple. There’s a huge number of variables to consider, and the more you account for, the better the results. So how do you work out the absolute best offer at any given moment, given the individual and their current context? Enter multiworld testing.

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