Finding the sweet spot between innovation and personalization

Thriving in the age of Amazon Go looks at how technology and psychology work together to create better customer experiences in grocery.

Grocer self-checkout and online ordering have been around forever, and we’re no strangers to scanning loyalty cards to get specials and rack up points. This technology is functional and helps improve the shopping experience (assuming the checkouts are working!) but the prospect of a completely connected, tech-driven, checkout-free grocery shopping experience has only recently caught the public’s imagination. Amazon Go lead the way, but Amazon’s not the only brand embracing the idea.


So what’s the deal? Do consumers really want completely automated stores? Is this the future of the weekly grocery shop?

We've developed a new eBook to explore some of these issues, and to look at how you can use the convergence of psychology and technology to engage grocery shoppers.

Thriving in the age of Amazon Go looks at several key areas:

  • Mobile & Smart Tech - it's hip, it's happening and it's now!

  • The Amazon Go experience - is this the future of grocery shopping?

  • Why grocery stores are adding mobile & IoT to the shopping list.

  • The case for coupons - the humble coupon has been given a makeover and is better than ever!

  • The Art of Persuasion - 6 ways to use persuasion in your marketing.  

  • Neuro(super)marketing - using personalization to make decisions easier.


When it comes to retail Amazon has set the benchmark ridiculously high for technological innovation, but you don’t have to copy Amazon’s model. We’re going to show you how to strike that balance between psychology and technology, optimizing the customer experience through both innovation and personalization.