Serverlessconf Austin: Going Serverless on Azure

The Serverless conference has been going for just over a year now, and each of the four conferences has seen a dramatic increase in attendees, following the rise of popularity of serverless technology in Azure (Azure Functions) and AWS (Lambda). The conference itself consists of two tracks over two days, and provides a great opportunity to share knowledge of how serverless is being adopted across the industry, from small startups to large banks. Both AWS and Azure have a big presence, and the conference itself attracts a diverse range of attendees and speakers – check out the latest line-up. Topics range from coding patterns, DevOps, security and also related technologies such as Azure’s LogicApps and Google’s Firebase, which both represent serverless technologies in their own right.

Check out our talk from Serverless Austin to see how we use serverless technology to help brands customize their Plexure experience.