Clare Capital Tech Insight: Spotlight on Plexure

Corporate finance advisory firm Clare Capital has profiled Plexure's impressive performance in a recent update. We're happy with our results and this report shows the progress that Plexure has made, and the great half year results we achieved.

More importantly on page two Clare Capital compares our performance metrics against the median metrics for 190 Australasian Tech companies.  Again the results show that we are out-performing the median Tech companies for all 6 listed metrics. Our thanks to Clare Capital for recognizing the continuing growth the company is achieving.

View the tech insight report.


The highlights

  • Annual loss narrows from NZD $7.1 million to NZD $3.0 million. Last six months loss was NZD $195k.
  • EBITDA margin improved from (101%) to (9%) - Plexure is looking to "establish a platform for profitable growth in the year ahead."
  • Annual revenue (GAAP) growth of >40% - currently NZD $9 million.
  • 40% Rule (which is Revenue Growth + EBITDA Margin) improved from (58%) to 34% - Xero also operates in the mid-to-late 30s.
  • Revenue per Employee has more than doubled from NZD $120k to NZD $270k - total employees have fallen 37% to 33.
  • Monthly cash burn down from NZD $600k to NZD $15k on the previous six monthly period (six months to 30 Sept 17 versus six months to 30 Sept 16).

For more on Plexure's recent financial performance and future direction, download our latest financial report.