Connecting brands with customers using IoT and digital insights

We're all about helping brands connect with customers, making every interaction the best it can be so everyone benefits: customers get bargains or get cool experiences; brands get more return visits to physical stores, or higher basket value from the people buying there, or better word of mouth and social cred. All that good stuff.

The exciting thing from a marketer's point of view is it's super easy to make same really tricky campaigns happen - across every on- and offline interaction, without having to be particularly techy. We've built the Plexure platform so marketing teams can create their own workflows, hooking in all sorts of services and adapting them on the fly as people interact, feedback increases, and more data enters the system. Basically everything's optimized in real time, so you're not throwing ice cream ads at people in the middle of a snow storm.

Check out the infographic for a quick overview of just four of the possible connected customer experiences Plexure can build. Then jump to the videos on the product page to see them being set up!