Measuring success with Plexure’s Analytics Engine

Plexure’s platform measures, optimizes and influences interactions for our customers – here’s how it all gets started.

The Plexure Analytics Engine

Plexure’s Analytics Engine collects, processes and analyzes data from digital activity and a wide variety of connected devices including cameras, point of sale systems, beacons and mobile apps. This information is then used to generate live dashboards so brands can measure the effectiveness of marketing programs in granular detail - in real-time - allowing for continuous optimization.

This configurable analytics pipeline includes Stream Analytics and Big Data Storage and Analytics. It provides more than simply a data warehouse for (admittedly really big) data. It’s also event ingestion and the various activities needed to turn massive streams of data into usable information. For more on the ins and outs of our data handling, check out this extensive discussion.

As part of our managed service, our data science team works closely with each of our customers to make sure we’re not only collecting data from every possible source that might give us something interesting, but that we’re able to return information that helps inform strategy. We make sure that we’re measuring the impacts of each customer engagement, which then helps us refine and further optimize every interaction.

Try a hands-on demo of Plexure's interactive dashboards.