Connecting IoT for enhanced in-store experiences

Expanding your CRM with IoT means you can collect information on customers’ interactions with connected tech – not just report back on their purchases. When it comes to the connected store that means events that occur online, on mobile and other devices outside the store and inside the store itself.

By incorporating beacons and connected LED lighting you can identify customers when they come into the store, and also track their movement and dwell time around the store. This gives you the opportunity to not only trigger content on connected displays and customers’ phones in the moment, but use that data to follow up with them after they’ve moved into another department or left the store. If your data shows a customer spent a significant amount of time in the winter clothing aisle and has a particular coat on their wish list but has left without purchasing, you now have the ability to retarget customers online or during a future store visit.

Other examples of data that can be captured using a connected IoT-driven CRM include chatbot conversations, app opens and in-app activity, store check-ins, ad views and clicks, offer redemptions, loyalty points earned and redeemed, online and in-store purchases, and digital sign and kiosk interactions.

The more time a customer spends with you, the more they interact with you, the more you learn about them and the more personalized your marketing can become. In-store experiences can evolve while customers are still shopping, by using their real-time data to respond to their requirements, guide or advise them as they shop.