More cool happenings in the connected world

In our latest look at brands' exciting uses of mobile and connected technology, we see digital signage still popular for audience engagement, and introduce McDonald's first foray into VR for the younger set...  


McDonald's goes VR with Happy Goggles

McDonald's has entered the virtual world, introducing Happy Meal boxes that turn into Virtual Reality headsets with the addition of a smartphone. McDonald's Happy Goggles were released in Sweden to celebrate the Happy Meal's 30th birthday, and feature Slope Stars - a VR skiing game developed by experience designers North Kingdom.

Slush Smackdown - gaming on digital signage

Fun with digital signage from the end of 2015. Slush Smackdown is a wrestling game that won a Hackathon for encouraging non-techies to code at the Slush startup fair in Finland. Tablet and smartphone users programmed their wrestler AI with a visual editor and then synced with a digital signage kiosk at a Helsinki tram station, allowing them to play the kiosk computer or other coders.

Are you fast enough for free shoes?

More Scandinavian signage; this time Reebok installed a speed camera and tracking tech into an outdoor ad in Stockholm for some fast-paced experiential marketing. The billboard measures the speed of passersby, and anyone who managed to run past at more than 17km/hour was rewarded with a free pair of Reebok's new ZPump 2.0 running shoes.

Fast food, literally

UK pizzeria Sodo, which is dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices, used live Periscope streams to promote on-foot pizza deliveries by a local running club. Customers could tune in to watch runners on their delivery routes in real-time, and even message them with shortcuts to get their food sooner. Live pizza delivery tracking isn't new, but customer involvement in the process makes for an extra level of connectivity and involvement.

Bonus round: wearables aren't just watches

As seen on Kickstarter, has created a connected pin (or badge) that can update its design based on whatever you've selected on the smartphone app. If that's not cool enough, the pin supports animated GIFs, which might just open up exciting new advertising possibilities somewhere down the line...