How brands are using live data for marketing


In this series Plexure Strategy Director Christopher Dawson answers your questions on how to use personalization, the IoT and contextual analytics to get results. Have a question to contribute? We'd love to hear from you!  

Your questions answered: how are brands personalizing content to individuals using live data?

Personalized upsell offer sketch

A brand like McDonald's might create an up-sell offer because they want customers who buy every day value items to buy more premium items. So when a new product range is launched they may target a promotion to customers who've already expressed an interest in similar products; marketing a premium Clubhouse burger to someone who usually buys a Quarter Pounder.

We can incentivize people to upgrade to that more premium burger with a free drink, and we can base that free drink on the weather. So we might offer a cold drink in hot weather, or a hot drink when it's cooler.

What we're doing is combining buying preference with local weather to create a more personalized message that resonates with the customer and makes it more likely for them to convert – which will actually start to increase transaction value across the board.

Live data also helps you optimize any discounting budget you may have, because there are periods of low foot traffic you can correlate to bad weather. If you are going to offer discounts, then being able to target those discounts at times when you know foot traffic will be low is a better use of that budget than handing out discounts when people are coming in anyway.

Personalizing based on weather sketch