Microsoft Introduces Power BI Public Sharing

The Plexure platform gives marketing teams a set of tools to easily personalize the content that each customer receives both on their smartphone app and via other connected devices. Content can be targeted based on past purchase behavior, products browsed, location, current weather, nearby events and a wide range of live data points collected from the smartphone app and other platforms. In order to target customers like this, the platform collects a range of contextual data points along with transaction and behavior data, all of which are tied back to individually identified customers in a single customer view.

The result is an unparalleled depth of data which can be used not only in improving the targeting that the platform uses, but also in more effectively analyzing and informing wider business decisions. It’s because of this that we teamed up with the Microsoft Power BI team to help surface this rich data and turn it into a quickly usable format.

Having demoed various Power BI dashboards and reports, we’re really excited to now have the ability via Power BI Public sharing to start making some of these demos available as an interactive online public share.

Let me walk you through a couple of examples below, then you can also view the full interactive report from the link at the bottom:

Analysis - Offer performance:

Here, we have a view of performance of different offers – this is the range of offers that have been loaded by the retailer into the Plexure platform. The chart on the left shows performance of each offer based on actual redemptions as measured at the point of sale. The chart on the right gives the overall number of redemptions in each customer segment.

On their own, each is the sort of basic information you can pull out of most POS systems. However, it’s the ability to easily look at them both together which is the strength of Power BI – try drilling into one of the offers by clicking on it in the first chart. You can now see the performance of that particular offer for each segment, and compare to your overall. Have a click through and see how quickly you can identify a particular offer that’s over indexing with a given demographic.

Now the key thing to note here is that this is pulling from live data sources, so there’s no spreadsheet to upload, no cumbersome database dumps – we can see up to the minute data and then make decisions in real-time.

Analysis - Profit Margins:

In this second Example, we can view the performance of offers based on the number of redemptions, the gross profit and the gross profit margin.

Again, the beauty of this report is not any of the individual graphs, but the ability to easily compare across the three data points – have a click through and see how easily you can identify those offers that are generating large activity volumes but low returns. Again, all being presented based on real transaction data in real-time.

Seeing the big picture with Power BI:

Now, you can have a look at the full report and see how you can analyze all five metrics in one view – click through the offer performance tab and see how quickly you can draw conclusions across different content type, with different demographics.