Plexure contextual analytics demo at NRF16

In case you've missed the previous posts, Scott Bradley and some of the hardiest of the Plexure team have been braving the New York winter to demo our convenience store of the future at the NRF (National Retail Federation) Big Show 2016. Here's a short snippet of the demo as Scott steps through a personalized experience for a convenience store customer, showing how the experience continues to be personalized in real-time as the customer uses the company's smartphone app.

[vimeo height="450" width="800"][/vimeo]

If you're at the show, we'd love to see you at booth number 2803 and get a full run-through yourself. If you're not, then we'll be running through this and some of the other IoT technologies we've been demonstrating at NRF in a webcast next month - more info here.