The Restaurant of the Future - IoT for QSRs

Check out our latest webinar The Restaurant of the Future: Building a Successful IoT Strategy for Marketing. Presented by Strategy Director Christopher Dawson and Microsoft's Jeff Marcoux, the webinar gives you a quick intro to connecting mobile and other devices to your QSR marketing. We show you:

  • How to engage with customers who expect more than just somewhere to get a cheap meal.
  • Why you need connected technology.
  • How to create a more personalized customer experience through smarter use of technology.
  • How customers' mobile phones fit into your restaurant's Internet of Things.
  • How the IoT enhances face-to-face service, not just digital interactions.
  • Why marketing needs to own IoT strategy.

Have a burning question we didn't cover in this presentation? Send it through; we'll be answering the questions we've received since the webinar in the coming weeks.