Introducing the Plexure Power BI content pack

It’s one small tile for Plexure, one giant leap for enterprise marketing software. We’re pleased to announce the Plexure content pack for Microsoft PowerBI is now available.

What’s Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI started out as a Microsoft Excel plugin and is now a full SaaS offering, accessible via web browser as well as native mobile and desktop applications.

Power BI is business reporting on steroids. It takes multiple data sets and rolls them up into interactive dashboards that are easy to share around your organization. This makes it possible to analyze data from multiple sources (both live and static) in one place – like this demonstration dashboard.

What’s the Plexure Power BI content pack?

A PowerBI content pack is a pre-built integration that lets users quickly and easily connect and visualize information from a specific 3rd party software vendor like Plexure.

The Plexure content pack exposes data we collect on the full customer engagement cycle from in-app behavior to in-store data from beacons, WiFi and NFC to purchase data.

Why’s this content pack important?

In short, because it makes things easy!

Let me elaborate on that a little: the interconnected world of SaaS software has completely changed the landscape for SMBs. Want your accounting software to talk to your CRM and your support ticket system? Easy, there’s already an integration for each of them; just plug in your details and the data starts flowing.

Unfortunately, enterprise SaaS has been a little slower to achieve the same benefits for customers. Because there are often a lot more configuration options and legacy hosted systems or custom databases involved, integrations typically take time and (a lot of) money.

Just getting all your data in one place for reporting can be a challenge. Even the dashboard above that we created for the Plexure WPC demo (like many others we’ve created for clients) required first exposing sets of data from the Plexure platform and then building custom data sets in PowerBI to bring them in and display them. Something that was easy enough to do with a top technical team at our disposal, but something that still meant significant additional cost.

Now, with the content pack, the client can instantly start generating and customizing dashboards with a few mouse clicks.

The real value in the Plexure content pack is that it doesn’t just give you easy access to one set of data. The Plexure platform is already integrated to your point of sale and other digital touch points such as mobile, web, email and even in-store digital displays. Because the platform gives you a single customer view over all these touch points, firing up the Plexure content pack gives you an easy to use, interactive dashboard across all that data.

We like to think it’s enterprise sales and marketing analytics the way it should be!