[Infographic] Mobile awesomeness - the metrics that matter

If you want more people to download and install your app, you’ll need to give them a reason to do it: 48 billion apps have been downloaded in 2015 so you really need to do something special to stand out. You already know the profiles and behaviors of your most valuable customers, so you’re not flying completely blind here. Offering new customers the sort of incentive that won over your current customers is a good start – as is encouraging store associates to play an active role in winning people over...  

Don't focus on downloads

Sadly for marketers, 2/3 of downloaded apps are never used, which is why number of downloads can’t be your only success metric. In the early stages you need to focus on proving your app’s utility by getting the people who download it to use it in a way that creates value for you. The absolute best way to make that happen is to design an app that’s easy to use and USEFUL – and then remind your customers they’ve actually installed it.

Contextual analytics for behavior change

The fun part really starts when you have enough people using your app regularly - and you’ve collected enough data - to start experimenting with your offers. You want to encourage your customers to adopt new regular behaviors that both benefit them and create value for your brand, and in order to do that you’ll need to have access to the data that shows you how they tick. Then you can identify your ‘ideal’ customer, and start creating more of them by talking their language. 76% of smartphone owners use them in-store, so this is a good opportunity to connect store tech - to target personalized content to them when they're with you and ready to spend.

The personalization payoff

Fun as it is, few brands embark on the mobile awesomeness journey just for the sheer thrill of it. At some stage someone’s going to want to see the payoff (7x as many offers redeemed, anyone?), and that’s where it helps to have a platform that does the number crunching for you, and one that can generate the ever-popular actionable insights. And dashboards. People love dashboards.