Intelligent personalization for QSR & Fast Casual restaurants

Mobile’s influence over dining is undeniable: a quarter of consumers say tech features in their decision to visit a restaurant, 31% view menus on their phones at least once a month, and 33% of millennials expect to pay via phone. With more restaurants recognizing the importance of mobile, it’s become obvious that it will take more than mobile payments alone to engage customers. Footfall is decreasing: annual visits for consumers aged 25-49 have dropped by 44 per person over the last three years. So the real issue for QSRs and Fast Casual restaurants is not getting customers to pay once in store; it’s building a loyal customer base that makes regular, and preferably frequent, repeat visits.

Drive customers instore and engage them

The personalization opportunity

Quick service and fast casual restaurants have a massive opportunity to use mobile and connected devices to learn more about their customers, and to leverage this detailed data to personalize the customer experience. Individual journeys can be mapped for every customer, so offers and rewards are uniquely relevant and available at just the right time to entice customers into store. And because you’re already collecting transaction data, to achieve this level of personalization you just need to add on some real time information - like time of day and weather conditions. The best source for that data? Your customers’ mobile phones.

Behavior change & VIP experiences

Turn casual customers into committed customers by encouraging them in to store more often, or incentivizing them to try something new:

  • Reward repeat and off-peak visits, or visits to newly opened locations
  • Change up your marketing to reflect real-time, real-world conditions; offer regular morning customers an afternoon special, or give coffee drinkers an ice cream deal on hot days
  • Give high value customers the opportunity to skip the queue by ordering in advance, or detect their visit, pre-fill their usual order and offer a little something extra
  • If customer movement speed indicates they’re in a car, send them to the nearest drive-through location
  • Focus on developing loyalty from day one; enable customers to track and share their progress, select and redeem rewards
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